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Reality Augments in Fortnite Chapter 4 Explained

New perks for a new reality.

by Daniel Wenerowicz
Reality Augment Spider-Gwen

Perks are nothing new to the battle royale genre, but they’ve never made a true appearance in Fortnite until now. With Fortnite Chapter 4, Reality Augments are one of the latest mechanics that players can start testing out right away, and they are certainly game changers.

These Augments offer up another way to specialize your gameplay within a match if you can survive long enough. On top of specializations, they also create a new incentive to grind some matches and unlock new perks. Our guide will cover how the new Reality Augment system works and what some of the boosts provide.

Fortnite Chapter 4 – How do Reality Augments Work?

Now that the battle royale has entered a new reality, there is ample opportunity for gameplay mechanics, and that includes the new Augments. Perks are the easiest thing to compare them to considering each one provides a specific boost, such as extra damage on your first assault rifle shot. But you can’t select them before a match as you can in other shooters or battle royale games.

To make use of the perks, you have to survive long enough within your current match. The first Reality Augment will appear very early into the match and it will be marked by a blue timer on the right side of the screen. Opening that prompt up will give you two perk choices which are randomized out of 22 options. In total, you can hold four perks in a match that are earned at different time intervals of the game.

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Each time a Reality Augment option appears, you can reroll the two choices you are given for something better. The first reroll is free but anything after will cost at least 100 gold bars. This can easily be worth the gold if you end up with a perk that helps specialize your weapons even further.

Every time you make it far enough in Fortnite Chapter 4 to choose a Reality Augment, you’ll have the chance to unlock some new perks. There are about 10 perks that can be unlocked on top of the base 12 when you begin the new season. Once you have them all, you can expect some powerful bonuses and opportunities to unlock tactical weapons.

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