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Rainbow Six Siege: Sam Fisher Operator Guide

by Lucas White

Sam Fisher hasn’t appeared in a game of his own since around 2013, but that hasn’t stopped Ubisoft from leveraging his fans by referencing Splinter Cell in its various, other properties. To that end, Ubisoft is bringing Sam Fisher to Rainbow Six Siege, adding him as a new Operator when the Shadow Legacy season eventually launches. Not only does Sam Fisher bring a new gadget and signature weapons to the game, he’s also coming at the same time as some QoL updates that his kit really benefits from.

Sam Fisher Operator Guide for Rainbow Six Siege

In Rainbow Six: Siege, Sam Fisher is added as ‘Zero,” his codename from the Splinter Cell series. He’s an attacker with a medium speed and medium armor rating, and he brings the SC3000 assault rifle with him from Splinter Cell: Conviction. The SC3000 will have several different optics options, which fit with the next season’s optics changes (including reticle colors!). He can also use the MP7 SMG, and the 5.7 USG sidearm with an integrated suppressor.

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Of course, Sam Fisher’s most defining feature as a new Operator is his gadget, called the Argus Launcher. This thing has a ton of nuance, and can be a formidable tool in several situations. This gadget fires a camera that will burrow into whatever surface you fire it into, creating a two-way camera that lets you look through either direction (one at a time). There are surfaces the camera can’t burrow all the way through, but even so it will attach to nearly every surface and give you at least one camera view to use.  

The Argus Launcher isn’t just a camera, though. You can also fire a laser with it, which can damage enemy soldiers, and destroy gadgets. You get one shot per device, so you have to make it count. Even though it’s limited, having the ability to destroy gadgets remotely from multiple angles is a pretty devastating tool. Luckily for those defending against Zero, there are key vulnerabilities.

Most importantly, the Argus Launcher is very easily destroyed. It only takes one bullet to blow it up, and it’s vulnerable to both electrified surfaces and the Mute Jammer. Additionally, Wamai and Jaeger’s gadgets can both work on fired Argus devices. It can be hard to spot such a tiny device, especially if the person playing Zero is using it smartly. That said, as the camera burrows into its target you’ll hear a distinct sound if you’re nearby, so if you’re paying attention you’ll know when it’s time to look for one.

Are you excited to see Sam Fisher make his latest cameo appearance, this time in the everlasting Rainbow Six Siege? Are you excited for all the updates and changes coming alongside him when Shadow Legacy arrives? Or are you still trying to bide your time until the next Splinter Cell, and only feeling salt in your wounds from this development? Let us know what you think over at the Prima Games Facebook and Twitter channels!


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