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Rainbow Six Siege – How to Win in Secure Area Mode

by Bryan Dawson

There are three main multiplayer modes in Rainbow Six Siege, Secure Area, Bomb and Hostage. We’ve covered Bomb mode and now we’re moving on to Secure Area. We’ll provide tips and advice to help you secure the biohazard container before the opposing team. You might even earn some bonus Renown if you’re lucky.

The basic premise of Secure Area is to hold the room the biohazard container is in. Like many of the other modes in Rainbow Six Siege, you can simply eliminate the opposing team to win this game type. If you have difficulty eliminating the other team, you only need to have more attacking players in the room than defending players. Once this happens there will be a short count down. If the defending players don’t rally to bring their numbers up (or kill a few attackers), the attackers win the round.

Offensive Tips (Attacking Team)

Just like most of the other multiplayer modes in Rainbow Six Siege, each round begins with a preparation phase. If you’re on the attacking team, you can take drones into the target area to search for the biohazard container and scope out the defensive measures the opposing team is putting into place.

Your first objective should be to locate the biohazard container, which means splitting up so you can cover as much ground as possible in the short time allotted. Be on the lookout for electrified barbed wire and signal disrupters that will stop your drones in their tracks. If you see one of Mute’s signal disrupters you need to stay clear of the immediate area surrounding it. When placed at the bottom of stairs or similar locations you can usually jump over them. If you point the camera up you can jump higher, while leaving the camera facing forward allows you to jump longer distances.

It’s also possible to spot enemies while using a drone in the preparation phase, but this is not advisable until time has all but expired. The enemy is notified as soon as you mark their location which generally causes them to look for the drone that spotted him and eliminate it. You should also leave your drone in an advantageous position at the end of the round if at all possible. You can still use the drone camera during the action phase if it hasn’t been destroyed.

Once you’ve located the objective, you need to communicate with your teammates to determine the best entry point. It’s usually a good idea to move in as a team of two or three and enter from at least two different points. You can still use one additional drone during the action phase, so if you suspect an enemy is around the corner or in a specific room, move to a safe location or have a teammate watch your back, then take your drone in to scout the room ahead.

Defensive Tips (Defending Team)

As the defending team your main goal is to keep the opposing team out and make it as difficult as possible for them to get into the room where the biohazard container is located. Use as many reinforced walls, barbed wire and other defensive measures as you can to secure this room. If you see a drone you need to destroy it as quickly as possible before it spots your defensive measures or the biohazard container.

Mute is very good at stopping drones because he has a signal disruptor that stops them in their tracks. One of these should be placed at every entry point (or as many entry points as possible). If the attacking team can’t find the biohazard container during the preparation phase, it will take them that much longer to find it during the action phase. The more time it takes the better off you are.

Once the action phase begins you want to have at least two members of your team stationed in the room alongside the biohazard container. The remaining members of your team should be positioned around the outskirts of the room in a way that allows you to have an early warning system to determine where the opposing team is entering from and how to best stop them.

At least one teammate should be scouting the entry ways so you know where the opposing team will breach. There are only so many ways into the target area, but watch for entry points through the ceiling as well as more traditional doorways. It’s also important to keep a close eye on the ground to spot any drones that are used during the action phase. This is an easy way for the attacking team to scout the locations of your teammates so you need to take it out as quickly as possible.

Any remaining drones from the preparation phase should be removed as they can be used as cameras. If you see one of these with a flashing red light, that means it’s actively being used by an enemy. Shoot it as quickly as possible to cut their vision and remove any advantage they had by scouting the area.

If you’re up against opponents with riot shields, Nitro Cells work well to take them out quickly. Drop one at their feet then detonate it. You can also stick a Nitro Cell to the wall by a doorway and detonate it as soon as an enemy steps inside. Your primary goal is to keep the opposing team out of the room where the biohazard container is located or simply eliminate the entire team.

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