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Rainbow Six Siege GSG 9 Operators – Bandit, Blitz, IQ, Jager

by Bryan Dawson

There are 20 total operators in Rainbow Six Siege that are separated by their units and divided into attacks and defenders. This article covers the four members of the German GSG 9 unit, Blitz, IQ, Jager and Bandit. Blitz and IQ are attackers while Bandit and Jager are defenders.

The operators in Siege differ by their armor and speed, as well as their loadout and unique gadget. It’s important to have multiple operators you are familiar with because only one of each operator can be used in a round, which means if someone else on your team has already selected your preferred operator you’ll have to select a different one.


  • Armor: Light
  • Speed: Fast
  • Primary Weapons: MP7 Submachine Gun, M860 Shotgun
  • Secondary Weapon: P12 Handgun
  • Generic Gadgets: Barbed Wire, Nitro Cell (C4)
  • Unique Gadget: CED-1 Shock Wire

Bandit’s main purpose is to electrify gadgets to make them more difficult for enemies to move through and inflict additional damage. You can add shock wire to barbed wire, reinforced walls and deployable shields, but in most cases you’ll find them to work best on barbed wire and reinforced walls. It can work well on deployable shields, but it depends on how you’re placing the shields. Unless they’re directly in the path of the opposing team electrifying them won’t have much impact on the match.

One of the best uses of the shock wire is to stop drones in their tracks and nullify breach charges on walls. When placed correctly it can be very tedious for the opposing team to get through some of your electrified traps. While carrying barbed wire with you is advantageous, check with your other teammates first. If there’s enough barbed wire to go around, you may get more mileage out of nitro cells instead.


  • Armor: Heavy
  • Speed: Slow
  • Primary Weapon: G52 Tactical Light Shield
  • Secondary Weapon: P12 Handgun
  • Generic Gadgets: Breach Charge, Smoke Grenade
  • Unique Gadget: G52 Tactical Light Shield

Blitz is the tank of your crew. He doesn’t have a primary weapon and instead uses his unique gadget in its place. The G52 Tactical Light Shield, better known as the riot shield, makes Blitz perfect for storming into rooms as the first man in. He has heavy armor so he can take a bit of a beating even without his riot shield, but he’s also slow. To help him out a bit he has a flash-bang on his shield to blind and stun enemies as soon as he enters a room.

Use Blitz at the forefront of your attack by falling in behind him as he enters a room. Any hostiles that attack will have to get through the riot shield before they can engage any other members of your team. Even if they happen to take down Blitz (watch out for shots to your feet and C4 explosives), anyone behind him will know exactly where the enemy is attacking from.


  • Armor: Light
  • Speed: Fast
  • Primary Weapons: Aug A2, SIG 552 Commando, G8A1
  • Secondary Weapon: P12 Handgun
  • Generic Gadgets: Breach Charge, Stun Grenade
  • Unique Gadget: Red MKIII “Spectre” Electronics Detector

Think of IQ as you would a support class in a role-playing game. She is there to tell you where traps and enemies are located so you can plan your attack with a high level of intel. She’s fast but doesn’t have much in the way of armor so she needs to be protected by the rest of the team until she can pinpoint the location of the hostiles. She can also choose from three different primary weapons, which makes her a bit more versatile than most of the other operators.

IQ is not for everyone because she’s not there to run and gun, and she doesn’t have a riot shield or heavy armor for protection. She’s there to educate the team so you know where enemies and traps are located. If you aren’t a player who can take their time and pinpoint the location of hostiles, IQ probably isn’t going to mix favorably with your play style.


  • Armor: Light
  • Speed: Fast
  • Primary Weapons: M870 Shotgun, 416-C Carbine
  • Secondary Weapon: P12 Handgun
  • Generic Gadgets: Deployable Shield, Barbed Wire
  • Unique Gadget: ADS-MKIV “Magpie” Active Defense System

Jager’s unique gadget is an active defense system that neutralizes up to two projectile attacks with each placement. You want to set these up in areas where you anticipate the opposing team will lob grenades. If placed correctly the ADS will shoot down the grenade as soon as it’s within range. Placing this on the wall near an entry point to your current position is a great way to prevent an opponent from using grenades to flush you out or take you down from a distance.

In addition to the ADS, Jager is one of the few defensive operators to use a powerful assault rifle, the 416-C Carbine. Jager’s also one of the fastest operators in the game can make this a very lethal combination in the right hands. Keep in mind he has light armor, which means he can’t take many hits before he goes down. Jager can’t just rush into an engagement, so make sure you’re playing cautiously with your new toys.

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