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Rainbow Six Siege – Bomb Mode, Preparation and Action Phase Tips and Tricks

by Bryan Dawson

Players can choose between Bomb mode, Secure Area and Playing Hostage when it comes to the multiplayer game modes in Rainbow Six Siege. This article covers tips and advice while playing the Bomb mode so that you can maximize your Renown and level up as quickly as possible. Tips on the other two game modes will be coming soon so be sure to keep an eye on Prima Games.

Playing Offense (Attacker)

When you’re the attacking squad in Bomb mode, your first priority is to use your drones to locate the bomb site. With five players you’ll have five drones that can cover a lot of ground in the limited time you have to discover as much as you can about the defending team. More often than not the bombs are located relatively close to one another, but they can be found on any floor in the building. Split up your team so you can cover as much ground as possible and communicate if you find traps or enemies.

While you can mark enemies with the drones, it’s best to wait until right before this phase comes to an end to do this. The defending team is notified every time they’re spotted and marked by a drone. This alerts them to your presence and will make them want to destroy the drone or bring in tech to shut down your drone. In addition, if you wait until the very end of the phase, you can get the most accurate location of each enemy as you’re heading into the action phase.

Once the action phase begins you and your team have four minutes to locate and diffuse one of the bomb sites. If you’ve already located the bomb site then you should formulate a plan of entry and attack to determine how you’re going to approach the site and engage the enemy team defending it. If you haven’t located the bomb site yet, you need to mimic your drones and split up to find the site as quickly as possible. Keep in mind you get another drone during the action phase so you can use that to find the bomb site as well, just don’t get caught by the defending team while you’re busy playing with your drone. You should also shoot out as many cameras as possible so the opposing team has difficulty finding you.

One player holds the diffuser, which is how you’ll disable the bomb. If that player goes down someone else will need to pick it up. It’s not uncommon for the opposing team to use this as bait to pick you off as soon as you go for the diffuser. However, you can also eliminate the enemy team to win the round as well, so even if you can’t get to the diffuser or the bomb site, you can still win by simply killing all five members of the opposing team.

If you are able to activate the diffuser it takes 45 seconds to complete the process. If there’s less than 45 seconds left in the round your only option will be to kill the opposing team. Once again it’s important to utilize every entry point and way of attack. Are there windows or walls you can breach? Should you come in from the ceiling? There are almost always multiple ways to enter every room, so make full use of your resources.

Playing Defense (Defender)

At the beginning of the round you have two priorities, stop the opposing team’s drones from discovering the location of the bomb sites, and set up a good defensive perimeter. If one of your teammates is using Mute, he can setup the MONI Signal Disrupter which stops any drones in close proximity, giving you plenty of time to shoot them. Placement of the MONI is very important as drones can jump, which means if you play it at the bottom of the stairs a drone can jump from above and make it over the MONI without a fuss. In addition, you want a MONI at every potential entry point so you can catch the drones no matter where they enter.

There are two bomb sites so it’s important to make sure both are well fortified. There have been too many times when a team locks themselves in one bomb site while the attacking team goes to the other site uncontested. If you don’t want to spread your force too thin, send at least one person to the other bomb site so they can scout and communicate if the opposing team is going that way.

While different operators have different talents, Rook is arguably one of the best. He has R1N Rhino Armor which can give you a small edge in a fire fight against an attacking team with no armor. Jager’s ADS-MKIV also works well to stop grenades and other projectile attacks from entering the room. This is a common tactic for most teams so being able to stop it can give you a huge advantage. Castle brings reinforced barricades into the picture which are considerably better than the tradition wooden barricades.

Once the action phase begins, use the cameras to try to pinpoint the location of the attacking team. While you’ll be warned for leaving the building, it’s not a bad idea to head outside if you know where the enemy is located. In most cases the enemy will not be expecting you to come outside and won’t be ready to defend against that kind of attack. If you’re fast enough and already know where your targets are located, you can even rush outside, shoot down one or two enemies and make it back inside before you’re spotted.

Communication is key so that you know where the attacking team is entering from and can properly defend. You don’t want to get caught by surprise and lose two or three teammates in the process. Even if you die, man the cameras and let your team know where the attacking team is located. If the cameras have been shot out you can still help call out enemy locations by watching through the eyes of another player.

If you’re looking for the best operator, you can check out our advice on the topic or head back to our Rainbow Six Siege game hub for more information and tactics!

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