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Raid: Shadow Legends Tips and Tricks You Need to Know Before Playing

by Liana Ruppert

Mobile gaming has seen a massive burst in popularity in recent years and with many still locked down in quarantine due to COVID-19, that growth has accelerated immensely. Raid: Shadow Legends is a mobile fantasy experience that has steadily built up a loyal player-base due to its intricate customization options, a heroic narrative about saving the world of Teleria, and constant developer updates. The ability to play between the PC version and the mobile version also makes this game’s appeal skyrocket! If you’re looking for a new Orc-filled experience to enjoy, here are a few tips and tricks you need to know before diving right into Raid: Shadow Legends.

Raid: Shadow Legends Tips & Tricks

Raid: Shadow Legends is a fantasy RPG experience that offers players hundreds of champions across 16 playable factions in an effort to battle the darkness threatening to take over the fictional realm of Teleria. Players are tasked with recruiting epic warriors heralding the Light and the Dark and evolving them to be the perfect fighters out on the battlefield. PvP, PvE, boss battles, strategic gameplay, and stunning 3D artwork all work together to create an immersive mobile experience. That being said, there are a few tricks that help make time in Teleria all the more efficient. 

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Different Game Modes

Raid: Shadow Legends is all about the heat of battle, but it’s not a one-dimensional mobile experience. There are numerous aspects of this game that appeals to every type of gamer, including: 

  • Faction Wars
  • Campaign
  • Dungeons
  • Clan Boss
  • Arena

The most crucial part of Shadow Legends is to dive right into the campaign because doing so has epic rewards that will help keep the fight in your favor. The campaign also offers specific challenges that, for those that can achieve the perfect 3-star rating, come bearing hefty rewards, including new warriors. To ensure a perfect rating, you’re going to want to always have a strong warrior up to bat. 

Unlock and Upgrade New Warriors 

During your time in Teleria, you will earn different types of Shards which will allow for an option to discover new warriors to add to your repertoire. You can earn these new warriors through the Portal, but they will be lower-ranking, which makes them not the most effective when it comes to battle. Not to worry, you aren’t stuck with 1-star warriors, you can use them in Taverns to act almost like a sacrifice to higher ranking warriors in your utility. This will allow you to earn 2-star warriors, which you can then sacrifice like the 1-stars to unlock higher-tiered champions. 

Sacrifice the weak to make the strong stronger. Brutal. 

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It’s important to remember that while in the Tavern, you can use the in-game character upgrade system to buff those 3-star champions. Stronger champions will be awarded simply by playing a Campaign Battle and through the Portal and can be honed by putting them through their paces in the Sparring Pit. 

Warrior Gear Color Alignment 

Equipping powerful warriors is only one part of making sure you’re battle-ready. Powerful gear can be unlocked through Shadow Legends’ various activities but when it comes to actually equipping new items, there’s one thing you should keep in mind.

There are six slots in total and to ensure that your gear loadout is at its most optimized, you’re going to want to make sure that they are all the same color alignment for the most effective gear set bonus. This is also true for the in-game Artifacts that can be attached to your chosen warrior as well, all of which should be the same set type. You wouldn’t go out IRL all mismatched, so why would you let your champion do that? Plus, fashion. 


This should be obvious, but there is a reason why there is so much to do in Raid: Shadow Legends beyond just having more enjoyable options. Each faction of gameplay, especially dungeons, is designed to not only challenge players, but to also incentivize them through the power of rewards. With great challenges comes great loot, so be sure to complete all quests, every mission, challenges, and take full advantage of the PvP Arena. 

In addition to playing through the campaign, you’ll see a red notification on the main menu tabs alerting of new Missions, Challenges, and Quests available. Don’t ignore those, they have special loot drops that you can’t get anywhere else. These opportunities will be daily, so the constant push for rewards and continuation will always be there. 

Simply Log In

Log in to the game, whodathunkit? No, but really, simply by logging in daily you’ll receive special rewards as well. The login rewards are just one of the many Playtime Rewards you’ll be able to earn for your champions in-game and those rewards will help all other aspects of Raid: Shadow Legends; especially Dungeons. 

Spend Wisely

Like all mobile games, there is an in-game currency that is highly valuable and those are called Gems. These Gems can be used to purchase a variety of shop items, items meant to aid in the battle. This feature is great, but hold off on caving into that urge to go buck wild when spending those hard-earned Gems. Why? Because you’re going to want to save at least 500 Gems up to unlock what’s called The Mine. After that’s unlocked, go all willy nilly on that Gem spending. As a wise man once said: “Treat yo self.”

The Gem Mine and How to Upgrade

Now that you’ve got your 500 Gems safely stashed away, it’s time to see that restraint pay off. Now before purchasing an upgrading, it’s important to know that the Gem Mine is an investment into the game, so if you’re planning on just playing in the short-term or more casually, then you can hold off on this purchase for now and instead invest in Shard Packs to unlock other champions. If you’re in it for the long-haul, however, then let’s unlock that mine. 

While the 3-month waiting period for the Gem Mine may seem like a long time at first, in the long haul this is a nice investment to make because it produces gems overtime for free, which means more IRL cash in your actual pockets. Once the Gem Mine is purchased for the aforementioned 500 Gems price tag, you can then further upgrade this feature at the same cost interval. 




Time Until Full

Level 1

1 every 4h 48m


1d 2m

Level 2

1 every 2h 23m


23h 16m

Level 3

1 every 1h 36m



To max upgrade your Gem Mine, you’ll need a total of 1500 Gems. The higher the Gem Mine leve, the greater the return. This is especially valuable for those that plan to play every day and get that daily login bonus. 

Affinity System

There are four types of Affinities in this game and you’re going to want to be intimately familiar with all four in order to make all of the above seem worth it. These Affinities are meant to be helpful to you as the player while building off of each other in the name of balance. 

So what are the Affinities in Raid: Shadow Legends? Glad you asked: 

  • Magic (blue): Magic takes out Spirit (green) but is vulnerable to Force (red)
  • Spirit (green): Spirit takes out Force (red) but is vulnerable to Magic (blue)
  • Force (red): Force takes out Magic (blue) but is vunerable to Spirit (green)
  • Void (purple): The only affinity that has no weakness nor counter

And that’s it! Those are our helpful tips to guide your way through Raid: Shadow Legends! Don’t be afraid to get comfy with the game by exploring at your leisure. There’s no pressure, despite the overwhelming amount of champions. If you’re not having fun, there’s no point, so choose the elements of the game that draw you in the most to explore first and acclimate to what Shadow Legends has to offer at your own pace. The ultimate GLHF. 

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Raid: Shadow Legends is available now on Android and iOS devices. You can also play on PC as well through the official website here to get started and that mobile progress will transfer over! 

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