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Rage 2: Where to Find All the Arks

by John Cooper

The high-tech weapons and abilities of Rage 2 are the best part of the game. PLaying around with each over-the-top toy is the best way to have fun in the frequent fights you’ll find yourself facing. The trouble is that they all require a bit of legwork to unlock in the first place. So, to make things much simpler, we have put together a guide for how to find all of the Arks in Rage 2.  

Vineland Ark


This one is impossible to miss and you’ll find it at the end of the prologue mission. 

Ark Difficulty: 0

Quake Hill Ark


The Quake Hill Ark can be found in the hills of Vineland. If you head to the northeast you’ll be able to find it. Then just mow through the enemies for your new toy. 

Ark Difficulty: 2

Junkers Pass Ark


Ark number 3 is on your way to Gunbarrel, north of Vineland. You should find it with ease. 

Ark Difficulty: 2

Great Crack Ark

The Great Crack Ark is south of Gunbarrel, get ready for a fight in order to claim your prize. 

Ark Difficulty: 3

Strongbox Ark


This Ark is just north of the Chazcar Derby. This is a place you’ll visit during one of Loosum’s missions so it is easy to find. 

Ark Difficulty: 4

Earthscar Ark


Just northwest of the Strongbox Ark lies the Earthscar Ark in the Torn Plains. It is just below the border of the region. 

Ark Difficulty: 3

Canyon Cove Ark


This Ark is near the eastern border of Broken Tract and Twisting Canyons. Clear the area and claim the next upgrade.

Ark Difficulty: 5

Spikewind Ark 


In the western section of Broken Tract, you can find the Spikewind Ark. Kill everything and wander on in. 

Ark Difficulty: 6

Shrouded Vault Ark


Despite the name of the Ark, it isn’t all that shrouded. It can be found within the Dune Sea in the far east. 

Ark Difficulty: 6

Dealypipe Ark


You can stumble across this one to the south of Lagoony, it can be tricky to get to on land but you should have the Icarus by now. 

Ark Difficulty: 6

Dank Catacomb Ark


We are heading north of Lagoony to find this Ark. Expect pretty heavy resistance for this one. 

Ark Difficulty: 7

Needle Falls Ark


The penultimate Ark can be found in the top section of the map, it is in the southwest of the region called The Wilds. 

Ark Difficulty: 7

Greenhaven Ark


The last one on your trip around Rage 2 is also the hardest. It is to the north of The Wilds and nearly dead centre at that. Take your biggest guns and your best abilities to clear this one out. 

Ark Difficulty: 10

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