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Rage 2: How to Upgrade Your Weapons

by John Cooper

 The weird and wonderful denizens of Rage 2 require a weird and wonderful array of weapons to take care of them. The only trouble is that sometimes you need stronger weapons to actually do the job. Well, this guide on how to upgrade your weapons in Rage 2 is sure to help you always come out on top. After all, who doesn’t love an upgraded weapon?

The weapons in Rage 2 often come with a lot of firepower as standard, so making them even stronger might feel like overkill. That being said, overkill is kind of the name of the game here so you’re going to want to lean into it to get past some of the tougher challenges. Upgrading your weapons takes two different forms.

The first part of upgrading your weapon involves the use of Feltrite. You can spend this strange material in order to level your weapons up, just go into your weapon menu and hold the corresponding button. As long as you have enough Feltrite the weapon will get a general boost to its abilities and you’ll be able to do the second part of the upgrade process.


Once you’ve levelled a weapon up, you’ll be able to choose from one or two different mods. Each of these grants more specific upgrades such as increasing your reload speed or your magazine size for that weapon. These can only be accessed by spending a Weapon Core Mod on it.

You can find these mods out in the world, from shops, or from Ark Crates. If you choose an upgrade you end up regretting, you can actually respec by using a skill from the Kill & Destroy project tree.

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