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Rage 2: How to Farm Feltrite

by John Cooper

In Rage 2 Feltrite is one of the things that makes the world go around, at least when it comes to living life as a Ranger. Many of the upgrades available to you will require Feltrite at some stage so knowing how to farm it is essential to being the best that you can be. If you want to find out how to farm it, then you are in the right place.

Feltrite can be found nearly everywhere in the world of Rage 2 and farming it from one particular spot is very rarely necessary. If you do need a quick boost of the stuff, then your best bet is to go out on the road and search for new locations. Each unexplored location is far more likely to have an abundance of Feltrite than anywhere you’ve already been.

The most lucrative source of Feltrite comes in the form of the supply crates you can found littering many of the bandit hidey holes and abandoned areas. However, you can also find clusters of the stuff protruding from walls in a few of these same areas as well. Collecting these yields 24 Feltrite a piece, so it is worth taking the time to pull them out of the walls they grow on. There is also Feltrite to be found within brown Feltrite Crates, if you shoot or hit these then the blue glowing goodness on the inside can be collected.

The most common source by far is in shooting literally everything that comes at you. Nearly every enemy you kill will drop a small amount of Feltrite for you to collect. While it isn’t much per kill, it does add up nicely when you’ve been cutting your way through the hordes. Stopping to shoot every bandit you see will pay off big time whenever you fancy upgrading your abilities or weapons.

Every so often the skies will bless you with a Feltrite meteorite. These fall to the earth randomly around the map and are a great way to get a lot of Feltrite quickly. If one falls, head over to it quickly and kill the enemies around it before harvesting all of the Feltrite for yourself. The only real downside is you can’t rely on these to happen, so make sure you jump at the chance whenever they appear. 

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