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Raft Max Players Co-Op Guide: How Many People Can Play Raft Together?

by Nikola Pajtic

If you are into survival games and the vast open ocean then Raft is a game made for you. Find a party to play with and you will have yourself a captivating multiplayer experience. 

But, can you play it with your friends and how many people can play Raft together? Keep on reading to find out. 

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How Many Players Can Play Raft Co-Op Mode? 

If you have been enjoying Raft as a solo experience then you will adore it even more as a multiplayer co-op. It has a dedicated online co-op mode that allows you and your friends to play together. It can be played with up to eight players in total, including yourself, in one multiplayer session. 

There are slight changes in the game when you bring a party along. Resources are harder to find than when you play it solo, and you will need to push extra hard to scavenge for food and water. Not to mention those pesky sharks are a bit stronger, as if they weren’t already terrifying already.

How to Start Raft Co-Op Multiplayer

The epic adventure awaits you at a click of a mouse. This is a rather easy task. Just load yourself into the world and click the “Friends Can Join” option. This will make your server visible to people on your friends list and your friends will be able to join you. The only requirement is that Raft needs to be installed through the popular video game distributor Steam. 

For the time being, LAN is not an option, but this might change in the future as the game develops further. Keep an eye on the game’s Twitter account for updates.

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