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Race Kings Tips – How to Race Like a Pro

by Josh Hawkins

Drifting is a vital part of the racing gameplay in Race Kings, and you’ll need to get a grasp on the basics quite early if you hope to move up in your league. In this article we’ll share several Race Kings tips which we’ve picked up along the way, which we know will help you race like a pro and come away with more victories.

Learn How To Be Perfect

Perfect Starts, Perfect Entries, Perfect Exits, and Perfect Drifts are all a vital part of the racing system in Race Kings, and you will want to be on top of your game as you go head to head with some of the world’s greatest racers. It may take you a bit to pick up on the different cues that you get for each type of movement, but once you start to get the hang of them, be sure to practice your timing as often as possible.

One of the most important things is learning how to get a Perfect Start. At the beginning of a race, three lights will countdown towards the start of the race. When the light turns green, slam down on the gas. You’ll have to time it just right though. Hitting the gas a second late will give you an Okay Start, while hitting it any time before it turns green will instantly cost you the race with a False Start.

You should also learn how to enter and exit turns perfectly, as this will help you get ahead of your opponents quite easily.

Upgrade Your Edge

Edge is basically the power of your vehicle. We’ve talked about this little stat quite a bit in our guide on how to win in Race Kings, so be sure to check that out for in-depth details. Your Edge can be increased by upgrading your car, so always try to upgrade your vehicle when you have the spare cash.

You should also watch for your Edge to reset, though. Each time the track in your league rotates, you’ll need to start over with 0 Edge. This means you’ll need to purchase more upgrades to increase it, which means you’ll need more cash to do that. You can earn cash by completing objectives and races.

Know When to Back Down

There’s nothing shameful about retreating from an opponent who is too powerful for you to defeat, and you should never be afraid to back down and return to the main menu in Race Kings. After each race you can choose to rematch your opponent for double or nothing, or you can back out entirely. If you know that their Edge is greater than yours, then you should definitely back down and live to race another day—so to speak.

Remember your Perfect Starts, practice your Perfect Turns, and always keep an eye on your Edge. If you can learn these three vitally important pieces of the puzzle, then you can start racing like a Pro and bringing home all the glory in Race Kings.