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Quantum Break: How to Use Your Time Powers

by Prima Games Staff

This feature will tell you how to use your Time Powers in Remedy Entertainment’s Quantum Break. We’ll cover the abilities hero Jack Joyce receives early on in the game and then tell you the best moments to use them.

Time Vision

You receive Time Vision at the start of Quantum Break. This lets you spot your next objective and gives you a lay of the land, including enemies and explosive canisters to take advantage of. It only lasts a few seconds, but Time Vision is ideal when you’re stuck in a firefight and want to know enemy locations.

Pay close attention to explosive canisters and other red objects in the environment. You can use these to bring down enemies close by, and they’re quite lethal against more powerful soldiers that warp throughout a level. Wait for someone to walk near an explosive canister and shoot this item to create an explosion.

Time Stop

Think of Time Stop as a grenade of sorts, which you throw to control time. With this ability, you can stop guards within a certain range, then use weapons or explosive canisters to kill these guys.

Try to save this ability when you’re surrounded. You can also use it if there’s one guy remaining and you want to wipe him out in the most stylish way possible.

Time Dodge

This is a spectacular ability that lets you avoid danger in a split second, zipping through an open space to about a few feet ahead of where you were facing. By using this, you can avoid grenades, quickly get behind a heavily armored soldier and maybe even dash into an enemy to launch a devastating melee attack, using the force of time to your advantage.

Use Time Dodge when you need to avoid grenades or want to shove someone off before they get too close. It’s helpful when you’re in a bind, and will save your neck long enough to plan the next move.

Time Shield

The Time Shield is another excellent ability that Jack can call upon early in the game, which generates a surrounding shield that stops bullets dead in their tracks and sends enemies within range flying. This is really good if you’re running low on health and about to die, since it protects you long enough to keep you in the game. For that matter, you can also shoot soldiers through it and kill them without taking damage.

Save Time Shield for when you absolutely need it, like if you have multiple guards closing in or you’re about to die, then stay in the center long enough to re-gather your bearings and maybe even find some cover when it wears off. Remember to take out guards while it’s activated, so that when Time Shield expires you have less opposition to deal with.

Time Rush

Finally there’s Time Rush, which literally gives you the ability to run with time on your side. Everything stops on your screen, allowing you to dash from one location to another within a few seconds. On top of that, once you get through the first couple of acts, you’ll be able to combine this ability with a super-punch, which lets you take out a guard with one swing.

Use Time Rush for a sniper or robotic turret. The bullets will still come flying, and you’ll want to avoid them as much as possible, but you’ll stand a better chance than running at them in real time. Try to get behind these enemies before your dash runs out so you can take them down while it recharges.

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