Quadri Shopping Center Essence Sample Location in MW3 Zombies

Shopping for Essence in the city

Quadri Shopping Center MW3 Zombies
Screenshot by Prima Games.

If you’re on the Essence of Aether mission in MW3 Zombies, you need to pick up the Essence Sample at the Quadri Shopping Center as the final task. Like the other containers, this can be hard to find without directions, and I have the exact location so you don’t get lost in the search.

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Where to Find the Quadri Shopping Center Essence Sample in MW3 Zombies

The Quadri Shopping Center Essence Sample can be found in a small shack west of the roundabout in Zaravan City. When you look west of the roundabout, you will see a bunch of rectangular buildings on the border of the low-threat and medium-threat zones. In the center of all those buildings is one small square that represents the shack you are looking for.

Another great way to spot the shack is to look for a Mystery Box in the same area. It won’t always spawn in the same spot, but if you manage to see the logo for the box just west of the Zaravan City roundabout like I did, you are in the right spot. Make sure to check out the image above for an exact location that you can follow.

Once you arrive at the shack, just head through the front entrance and look for the Quadri Shopping Center Essence Sample sitting on a countertop. Like the other samples, it’s a metal container that has a white outline to designate it as a quest objective. When you get close enough, you can pick up the item and Dr. Jansen will wrap up the quest.

Of course, you can start with this sample as well during the Essence of Aether mission. If you spawn in MW3 Zombies and you’re already near Zaravan City, then go for this one to save some time. Otherwise, you can always go in order based on the tasks.

If you’re still on this mission, the Rostova Shops Essence Sample will be the most frustrating, but knowing the location always helps.

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