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PUBG – Fix the Account Already Exists Error on Xbox One

by Josh Hawkins

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds released on Xbox One back in December, and players have had a couple of weeks to dive into the game and get ahold of the basic controls. Unfortunately, a recent bug has led to many users experiencing an error when trying to login to their account. In this article we’ll show you how to fix the ‘Account Already Exists’ error in PUBG on Xbox One.

How to Fix ‘Account Already Exists’ in PUBG

If you’re one of the many players affected by this error, then you’ve probably been pulling out your hair trying to get it sorted. The good news is, that issue can be resolved, and it can be resolved quite easily.

The first step to fixing the ‘account already exists’ bug is to try reconnecting to the game. Sadly, this doesn’t always work, and you’ll need to follow additional steps to resolve the issue. First, quit out of PUBG altogether. Then sign out of all of your existing Xbox One accounts (make sure you know the info so you can sign back into them). Now, restart your Xbox One and wait for it to load back up.

Once you are loaded back up, hop back into PUBG and wait for it to launch. When it asks, sign into the account that you purchased PUBG on. Now, restart the game and wait for it to reload. Once it reloads you should be free of the error and able to enjoy your time in the game.

Keep in mind that if you encounter this error again, or if PUBG refuses to authorize your account for any reasons, you may need to try another couple of things. Head down to the Preferences menu in PUBG and select the account that you signed in with. This should make it easier for the game to identify your account and log you in.

We’d also like to note that if you try to sign into any other Xbox One account you will most likely encounter the same issues. Always make sure you are signed into the same Xbox one account that you purchased PUBG on, or you could run into the issue again and again.

Now that you know how to fix the ‘account already exists’ error in PUBG on Xbox One, make sure you head back over to our PUBG guide for more help like how to find out what the best assault rifle in PUBG is, or what the best sniper rifle in PUBG is.

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