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PUBG – Best Places to Land on Miramar

by Josh Hawkins

The second map available for PUBG offers tight clusters of buildings, large open spaces, and a bleak, sandy backdrop to help spice things up a bit. There is a lot to like about this map—and a lot to dislike—and knowing some of the best starting points in Miramar will be key to your success. We’ve highlighted some of our favorite places to start, which have proven to be really good zones for loot and player movement throughout the mid and end sections of each match. Read on to find out some of the best places to land on Miramar in PUBG.

Best Places to Land on Miramar

As we said above, Miramar has a lot of nice qualities. There’s plenty of variety here, including tight clusters of buildings and long-range areas of flat desert and rolling sand dunes. It’s a nice mix that can really change how you play the game and having a good game plan going into things is really smart if you want to make it far.


Located along the eastern coast of Miramar, Impala is a smaller city when compared to places like Los Leones. That doesn’t change that this large cluster of buildings has a good bit of territory and loot to cover, which makes it perfect for those looking to get a fairly strong start. There’s also several buildings to the north and south, which make it easy to continue moving on after the opening moments, when the circle really starts to close in on the map.


Located along the western edge of the map, Alcantara is a small city next to a set of Ruins that is perfect for solo or DUO players looking to get started. The location is further away from most other areas, but players should have easy access to bigger cities like La Cobreria and El Pozo where you can find players and even more loot. It’s a landing spot that’s pretty dependent on a far-west plane path, but if you can make it, the smaller city is perfect for gearing up.


One of our favorite areas to drop in at, Pecado is a smaller city located in the central area of Miramar. It’s a great location because it offers easy access to several surrounding cities, while also putting you near the center of the conflict almost every game. It’s also just northwest of Los Leones, which means you’ll have easy access to the bigger city should you need it.

These three areas have proven to be great areas to land at time and time again. As always, the loot table is evolving and changing with each and every patch, so these areas may not always provide the best loot. Still, though, they offer great starting points, and really give you great access to the rest of the map.

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