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PSA: The Latest PS4 Firmware Has Issues

by Lucas White

The PlayStation 4 firmware was updated today, a rare next step bringing it to the full 8.0 revision. This update is largely designed to set things up for the PlayStation 5’s arrival next month, along with adding a few new features and free avatars. Unfortunately, the update seems to have not been quite ready yet, because users are experiencing all kinds of issues. A number of error messages are cropping up consistently, and causing issues with online features.

PS4 Firmware 8.0 Issues

The most common error codes are the following: WS-44369-6, WS-36770-3, and WS-37505-0. It isn’t clear what these updates mean specifically as they aren’t listed on the PlayStation support pages, but from user testimony we’ve seen issues with friend lists, chat functions, and some players are unable to play online at all.

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We haven’t seen the issue acknowledged by Sony’s PlayStation branch on the North American side yet, but a report from Siliconera found and translated a tweet from the Japanese PlayStation support Twitter account. It isn’t much yet, but it is an acknowledgement of the problem. These things take time, and the team has asked for patience while it investigates the issue.

For now, if you haven’t updated your PlayStation 4 to firmware 8.0 yet, you probably want to keep it that way for the time being. None of the new features are essential right now, especially if you’re a regular online player. 

Keep your eye on social media for updates on the matter in real time, specifically the Ask PlayStation Twitter account. This is the official feed for the support structure at PlayStation, and whenever something like this happens, that’s where you want to look for additional information. Hopefully this will get resolved quickly, but it is what it is.

Are you one of the unlucky victims of the newest PS4 firmware update? Or did you manage to avoid it this time? Has it ever happened to you before? Let us know over at the Prima Games Facebook and Twitter channels!


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