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PS5 Trophy System Guide

by Lucas White

Sony has released even more details about the PS5 this week, showing us a hardware breakdown of the actual console and more. But while the console having a dust catcher is probably the best news in contemporary console gaming, there’s another notable change as well. The Trophy system, a parallel to Xbox Achievements that Sony launched later on in the PS3’s life, is seeing a bit of a restructure. And by “is,” we mean later tonight.

PS5 Trophy System Changes

One of the most obvious or dramatic changes is each player’s overall Trophy level. This is how your overall Trophy-hunting mettle is displayed. Currently, players can go from levels 1-100, with each Trophy you find in each game giving some EXP to your overall level. Once the update lands, Sony is expanding the level range, from 100 to 999. Previously indicated by a gold star with a number on it, levels will now have more descriptive icons.

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These icons also change slightly, as players move closer to the next tier. The first three tiers are represented by increasingly ornate versions of the Trophy icons, while hitting the final tier rewards you with something a little more fancy. Sony has already laid out what those tier thresholds are, so here’s a breakdown per tier:

Bronze tier

  • Levels 1-99
  • 100-199
  • 200-299

Silver tier

  • Levels 300-399
  • 400-499
  • 500-599

Gold Tier

  • Levels 600-699
  • 700-799
  • 800-998

Platinum tier

  • Level 999

As you can see, there’s no leeway when it comes to earning that Platinum tier status. You have to get all the way to the top. And don’t worry about your previous efforts – every trophy you’ve already earned will carry over, and whatever the equivalent level is will be calculated. Sony also confirmed that the new system will be displayed everywhere you see Trophy data now, so even older platforms will see the update. 

The next generation of consoles is really right around the corner, and the news feeds are starting to ramp up big time. Considering how long Trophies have been displayed in their original format, we find ourselves wondering if there will be other significant changes made to update various UI or profile elements that are more account-adjacent than hardware.

What do you think about the new Trophy system? Are you excited for the different icons you can see, or do you prefer the gold stars? Are there any other PlayStation profile elements you’d love to see significant changes to? Let us know what you think over at the Prima Games Facebook and Twitter channels!