Prey Safe Codes – Unlock Every Door and Room

Learn how to find all of the keycodes needed to enter every room and loot every safe in Prey.

Prey Safe Codes – Unlock Every Door and Room

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If you want to make the most of the materials left behind after the attack on Talos 1, then you’re going to need secrets such as the IT department code, which basically means you need to have every Prey safe codes and codes for every door and room as well.

In this article we’ll show you how to obtain secrets in the way of all Prey safe codes, including the debriefing safe, which is the first safe code in Prey, as well as the quarantine code, the Prey IT department code, and codes to unlock all the other doors as well. We’ll even point out where you can find them because the safe combinations in Prey will be valuable throughout the game.

It should be noted that some of the keycodes listed below are static, while many others are randomized each playthrough. Don’t worry, though, these codes can always be found in the same areas, so be sure to follow our guide and you shouldn’t have much trouble finding the code you need. If you’re looking for access to workstations, we’ve provided those for you in another article.

Neuromod Division

Security Booth

The code for this door can be found after you visit the Neuromod Division later in the game. Look for the body of a person named Divya Naaz, and then look for a note near the body to get this code.

Debriefing Safe

The code for this safe is 5150. It can be found inside the Simulation Debriefing Room.

Talos 1 Lobby

Morgan Yu’s Office

You obtain this code automatically from January. But, if you don’t feel like waiting you can key in the numbers 0451 to unlock the door to Morgan’s office.

Security Safe

The code for this safe is 0526. Look for it behind the security desk in the Security Room.

Dr. DeVries’ Safe

To unlock this code locate the safe in Dr. Hendrick DeVries’ office in the Trauma Center. The code for this safe is 7324.

Holding Room

You can enter the Holding Room in the lobby by typing in the numbers 1129.

I.T. Department

You’ll need to use the passcode 0913 to enter the I.T. Department in the lobby of Talos 1.

Volunteer Quarters

This keycode can only be obtained by reading an email titled “Volunteer Attitude”, which can be found on Bianco Goodwin’s Workstation in the Executive Offices.

Pilot’s Lounge

You can find this keycode on Octavia Figg’s TranScribe device in the Staff Lounge. Listen to the audio recording titled “This Isn’t a Drill” to find out the code.

Hardware Labs

Director Thorstein’s Office

To find the keycode for this office, read the email “You’re in Charge” on Thadeus York’s Workstation.

Dr. Thorstein’s Safe

This safe can be found inside of Dr. Thorstein’s office. The code for the safe is 9954.

Ballistics Lab Safe

This save can be found in the Ballistics Lab. You’ll need to look for a note underneath a grate in the corner of the Ballistics Lab. The note contains the code for the safe. You can’t obtain the note unless you have the Leverage 1 skill.

Machine Shop Supply Closet

This keycode can be found inside an email titled “If You Need Supplies”, which can be read on the Workstation in the Small Scale Testing area. To find the code for the Workstation look for a clipboard with a note attached to it.

Talos 1 Exterior

Machine Shop Supply Closet

You can find another Machine Shop Supply Closet on the exterior of the station. This keycode is found by listening to the recording “First Thing Tomorrow” on Dr. Calvino’s TranScribe device.

Dr. Igwe’s Cargo Container

The keycode for this container is 2312. It can be found outside, while exploring the exterior of Talos 1.



The keycode for this door is 8714. It can also be learned by sparing Aaron Ingram’s life.


Maintenance Tunnel

You can unlock the keycode for this tunnel by reading the note on Kimberly Bomo’s body.

Magnetosphere Control Room Safe

Look for this safe in the control room of the Magnetosphere. The code for this safe is found on a note that can be located behind some toilet paper in the Magnetosphere Restroom. Look on the top shelf and move some rolls of toilet paper out of the way to spot the note.

Crew Quarters

Fitness Center

You can obtain this keycode two different ways. First, make your way to the security station in the Crew Quarters and read the “New Gym Code” email. You can also get this code from a note in the restroom inside Cabin B.

Mail Room

Locate Anders Kline’s habitation pod in the Crew Quarters and then read the note inside the pod to obtain the keycode.


Simply watch the cook input the code for the freezer to learn it.

Executive Suites

There are three different ways you can get this keycode. The first way is by reading the email “Food Request” on Will Mitchel’s Workstation. You can also get the code from a note left on the table in the Recycler Room. The third way requires you to read the email “Personal Training Session” on Emma Beatty’s Workstation. But, this way requires you to have unlocked the Fitness Center first.

Dr. Calvino’s Safe

Look for this safe inside of Dr. Calvino’s suite. The code is 0523, and it is learned by listening to the audio recording titled “Notes 3”, which is found on Calvino’s Workstation in his room.

Deep Storage


Look for a note beside Zachary West’s Workstation to get this keycode.

Deep Storage Safe

There are two safes in Deep Storage, and this keycode will work for both of them. First, read the note on the back of Danielle Sho’s Workstation to get the code. Her Workstation is in the Command Center. Once you have the code, look for the safes and use the code to unlock them.

Power Plant

Reactor Room

The keycode for the Reactor Room inside the Power Plant is 3845, it never changes.

Parts Storage

This keycode can be obtained from a recording titled “Keycode Change: Parts Storage”. Look for the audio recording on Duncan Krassikoff’s TranScribe device.

Cargo Bay

Cargo Bay Security Safe

This safe is found inside of the security room in Cargo Bay A. Look for a woman named Sarah Elazar and talk to her to find out what this keycode is.

Life Support

Storage Room

To unlock the Storage Room in Life support, look for a note in the Oxygen Flow Control Room. On the note you’ll find the keycode for the Storage Room in Life Support.

Security Station Safe

Read a note on Erica Teague’s body to find out the code for this safe that is located inside the security room in Life Support.

Talos 1 Bridge Safe

Look for this safe in the Captain’s Loft on the bridge of Talos 1. Once you find it, look for a note on the desk, it is hidden beneath a book. Read the note and then open the safe using the keycode you learn.

That’s every keycode you’ll ever need in Prey. Having trouble getting into some of the Workstations? Check out our guide on how to unlock every Workstation in Prey. You can also return to our Prey guide and walkthrough, where we offer even more insight into the game and the various systems that it is made up of.

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