Prey – How to Change FOV, Disable Intros

Learn how to extend your FOV and disable the game’s intro screens for a faster launch.

Prey is all about seeing enemies before they see you, and for some players the default FOV of 85 may not be high enough. In this article we’ll show you how to edit the game files, which will allow you to update the Prey FOV and increase or decrease it, depending on what you like. We’ll also show you how to disable the intro splash screens, which will allow you to launch the game even quicker.

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Unfortunately, this fix is only available on the PC, and an in-game slider will arrive at some point in the future for all game versions. We’ll also show you

How to Change Your FOV

If you want to change your FOV, you’re going to need to be comfortable editing some game files, which you’ll have to locate on your computer’s hard drive. First up, let’s locate your Save Games folder, which can usually be found at the following address:

C:\Users\YOURUSERNAME\Saved Games\Arkane Studios\Prey

Once in the game’s save directory, locate the file titled game.cfg. You can open up this file by right clicking, choosing Open With, and then selecting Notepad.

With the file open, press Control + F to bring up the search window, and then search for the follow line:

cl_hfov =

You should also see the numbers 85.5656 to the right of this line. Highlight those numbers and then change them to whatever you see fit, up to 120. Though, it should be noted that the developers have warned that higher FOVs than the current default could result in more bugs, so be careful how high you go.

How to Disable Intros

Disabling the intros in games has become part of the modern process, and users do it to speed up the time that it takes to launch the game and reach the main menu. If you want to do this, you’ll need to locate the Prey directory in your Steamapps folder, which can normally be found on your C:\ drive, unless you have an alternate installation area for your Steam games.

Once you’ve located your Steam directory, head over to the following address:


Now that you’re here, look for the four files we’ve listed below and change their extensions to .bak (or whatever other extension you want to call it. We use .bak because it’s easy to remember that the files are backups.

Change the extensions on these files:

  • Ryzen_Bumper.bk2
  • ArkaneLogoAnim_Redux_1080p2997_ST-16LUFS.bk2
  • Bethesda_logo_anim_white.bk2
  • LegalScreens.bk2

Once the extensions are changed, you should be good to launch the game and dive right in without running into any splash screens. Now that you know how to disable the game’s intros and change your FOV, head back over to our Prey guide for more helpful articles like how to find the Disruptor Stun Gun.

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