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Prey – Find Josh Dalton, Get Q-Beam

by Josh Hawkins

Prey has plenty of corpses lying around, and floating around outside the station. But, if you’re trying to complete every quest you can, and learn all that you can about Talos 1 and its plight, then chances are you’ve picked up the Blackbox Project quest. This quest tasks you with finding Josh Dalton, a member of the Transtar team thought to be working on a high-powered weapon. Of course, he’s pretty tough to find, so in this article we’ll show you the easiest way to find Josh Dalton in Prey and acquire the Q-Beam gun, if you don’t have it already.

How to Find Josh Dalton

The easiest way to find Josh Dalton is to make your way through the game until you reach the G.U.T.S tunnel. The best way to approach the area is from the Arboretum.

Once inside G.U.T.S, head down the tunnel, past the Typhon enemies, and look out for a massive pipe at the end. Head around the right-hand side of the pipe, and then zip your way underneath it. There are a ton of Typhon enemies around here, including some Cystoids and Cystoid Nests. These enemies explode when close to you, so be sure to watch out for them and shoot them with your GLOO Cannon or other weapons to disarm them before they get too close.

Once the Cystoids and Cystoids Nests are clear, head around a bunch of debris to spot Josh Dalton’s body floating near the back of the tunnel. Pick up the loot next to him, including the Q-Beam, and then listen to the Transcribe that he has to learn that a fellow Transtar employee named Lane Carpenter stole his work and claimed it for himself.

This should complete the Blackbox Project mission, and if you haven’t already picked it up, give you access to one of the strongest weapons in the game. The Q-Beam fires a concentrated line of energy in the form of a laser. This weapon deals massive amounts of damage to most Typhon enemies, aside from those like the Voltic Phantom or the Corrupted Operators.

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