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Pokemon X and Y: Top Eight Mistakes New Players Make

by Prima Games Staff

Pokemon X and Pokemon Y are the sixth generation entries in Nintendo’s blockbuster franchise.  That doesn’t mean every player knows the series. For some, exploring the new Kalos region marks the first time they’ll step foot (virtually) in the world of Pokemon.  Of course, everyone remembers their first Pokemon title and the mistakes they made along the way.  With this in mind, here are the biggest mistakes new trainers make. 

8.) Forgetting to Save

Believe it or not, some people forget to save. If your 3DS battery dies or you turn it off by mistake, hours of progress could be lost.  It is also critical to save before battling legendary Pokemon, because if you knock out the legendary creature, it is gone forever.  By saving right beforehand, this gives you unlimited chances to catch it. 

7.) Only Knowing a Few Types

New trainers must learn all of the Pokemon types established over the previous five generations.  X and Y come with 18 different types of Pokemon, including the new fairy type.  Every type has different strengths and weakness, and as a trainer, you must learn which types to use throughout the many battles.  If you don’t know which types are effective or ineffective against the others, you will have a hard timing winning.

6.) Misunderstanding Pokemon Stats

Pokemon stats are also important to learn when training Pokemon.  Each Pokemon has six stats: attack, defense, special attack, special defense, speed and HP.  It is important to figure out how to use these to your advantage in battle.  If a Pokemon has a high attack stat, that means it should be taught more physical attacks instead of special moves.  New trainers often load up on moves that have a high power rating, but neglect to see if it suits their Pokemon’s stat ratings.

5.) Unbalanced Move Sets 

Speaking of moves, it is crucial to balance all of your Pokemons’ move sets.  Each Pokemon is only allowed to have four moves at one point.  You need to choose them wisely.  Four attack maneuvers may seem like a smart idea, but a move that effects the opponent’s status or stats can turn the tide of battle.  It is also a good idea to avoid giving your Pokemon the same attack type; don’t give Greninja all water type moves, for example.  You can help balance Greninja’s move set by having a water move, an ice move, a dark move and a fighting move.  This gives it multiple options in battle.

4.) Ignoring Pokemon Centers and Poke Marts

You will encounter different trainers and wild Pokemon as you go from city to city.  It is really important for new trainers to remember to always visit the Pokemon Center to heal your Pokemon before leaving town.  It is fun exploring the wilderness, but if you forget to heal your Pokemon, you’ll be at a disadvantage from the start.   

The Poke Marts now share the same building as the Centers, so it is also important to stock up on the various items you will need during battles.  Always remember to have plenty of Pokeballs for catching wild Pokemon, potions for regaining HP and revives to heal fainted Pokemon, to name a few.

3.) Refusing to Train

New trainers often rely on their starter Pokemon for too long.  This is natural, since the starter is usually with you the whole game, and is usually one of your strongest Pokemon, but it is important to help balance out your Pokemon party by evenly training and using all six of your monsters.  Battles will be much easier to win if you have six level 30 Pokemon instead of one level 40 Pokemon and five level 20s, especially if your highest level is at a type disadvantage.  This is especially true for gym battles, where the gym leader will have much stronger Pokemon than you up to that point.  Pokemon level balancing is made easier in X and Y with the new Exp Share, which helps spread out experience points. 

2.) Mismanaging Your Party  

People new to the Pokemon world have no allegiances.  They didn’t grow up using a Squirtle or Charmander, so they are still searching for that ideal character.  You want to use Pokemon that you like, but you have to remember the type advantages.  Don’t choose a whole party of Pokemon just because they look awesome.  If you have a party of one steel, two bug, two grass and one ice Pokemon, a single fire Pokemon can beat the whole team.  It’s important to have counters.

1.) Not Catching Pokemon

The name of the game in Pokemon involves catching them all.  You may not track down every Pokemon, but it is important to catch as many as you can.  When starting out, you don’t know which Pokemon you may end up liking, so don’t pass up catching a particular creature because you don’t like how it looks, because it might evolve into something better later on.  Plus, each Pokemon you catch has different abilities, stats and moves.  Even two of the same Pokemon have different stats.  Finally, and in the wild, Pokemon have different chances to appear, so you may stumble upon a rare monster. Don’t waste your chance to catch it.

Pokemon X and Pokemon Y are currently available for Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo 2DS.

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