Pokemon Sword and Shield: Rock and Steel Max Raid Event Guide

The rock and steel madness is back on for the rest of July

To keep players active in the Galar region in-between DLC expansion releases, Nintendo and The Pokemon Company have been running Max Raid events focused on specific Pokemon or Pokemon types. Since the end of June, a Pokemon Sword and Shield rock and steel Max Raid event has been running, although there was a brief interruption over the weekend for a Wailord-centric invasion event. But for the rest of July 2020, it’s back to smelling what the rocks (and steels?) are cooking. Let’s get into it.

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Pokemon Sword and Shield Rock and Steel Max Raid Event Guide

Pokemon Sword and Shield isn’t an always-online sort of game, so before you can start participating in the rock and steel Max Raid event, you have to actually make sure it’s running in your game. There are two different ways you can refresh the game’s “Raid dens.” You can either just connect the Y-Comm to the internet (which is the sort of hub for online features), or you can use the Mystery Gift option and select “Get the Wild Area news” to refresh the den pool before you even get into the game proper.

The Pokemon that are included in the event pool are Onyx, Steelix, Galarian Meowth, Perrserker, the Rhyhorn family, Rolycoly, Charcoal, and Cufant. Coalossal and Copperajah are the designated Gigantamax critters, so if you want to tackle one of the bigguns you’ll want to keep your eyes peeled for those purple light beams. Those signify one of the more rare Pokemon in the group will show up. Gigantimax Max Raid battles are no joke, but that’s why you’re able to call in other players to help you. It still won’t be easy, but it’s better than trying to wrangle a team of CPU trainers.

Once you win a Max Raid battle you’ll get an opportunity to catch the Pokemon. Max Raid pocket monsters have a guaranteed perfect individual strength, and tougher battles can lead to catches that have up to four perfect individual strengths. If you’re out there battling other players online, guaranteed higher stat ceilings are worthwhile for sure. Pokemon you catch in Max Raids also might have Hidden Abilities, and you can’t get those anywhere else. You also get great items for participating!

If you want to buff up your buff creature collection, you still have until July 31 to participate in the Pokemon Sword and Shield rock and steel Max Raid event. Have you already been out there raiding for rocks? Get anything good? Let us know over at Facebook and Twitter!

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