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Pokemon Sword and Shield Pumpkaboo Guide

by Nicholas Barth

The highly anticipated games of Pokemon Sword and Shield are now available for trainers from across the world to dive into and enjoy. There are plenty of exciting creatures players can catch and use in battle throughout their adventures. One of these unique creatures is Pumpkaboo. Fortunately, we have everything you need to know about Pumpkaboo covered for you!

Pokemon Sword and Shield Pumpkaboo

Players will find that Pumpkaboo is a Ghost and Gras type character. This means players will have the best success using Ghost, Dark, Flying, Fire, and Ice types against it in battle. 

This particular creature will evolve into its evolution of Gourgeist when a player trades it to another trainer. Players who would like to have a Gourgeist on their teams will be wise to trade their Pumpkaboo to one of their friends and evolve it into Gourgeist. Your friend can then trade you your evolved character back and allow you to have it as a member of your team for future battles and other adventures in the Galar Region. 

This character can be found at the locations of Route 4, Giant’s Mirror, and Hammerlocke Hills in the newly released titles from the legendary franchise. 

Pokemon Sword and Shield Pumpkaboo

(photo courtesy of Blaze302 via YouTube)

One exciting aspect of Pumpkaboo is that it comes in four different sizes. You can find these sizes below:

  • Small
  • Average
  • Large
  • Super

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