So, maybe you're a little late to the Pokemon Sword and Shield party. All good, mate, no shame in that! However, you might be mainlining the title because you've heard about the DLC that's going to be out soon and you're wanting to get a team up to scratch. Well, if you've been boosting through everything, you might struggle a bit with the final gym. Luckily enough, here's our Pokemon Sword and Shield Hammerlocke Gym guide for those that need some inside strats. 

Pokemon Sword and Shield Hammerlocke Gym Guide - How to Beat Raihan

So you've finally made it to Hammerlocke Gym. Basically everything's been building to this moment, even though you conceivably know that the end-game is still a thing that you're going to have to get through and this is really just the beginning of another long adventure. Whatever, we won't spoil the climax. You're here! Now, here's how it's going to go down: you'll have to fight your way through three trainers in Double Battles before you get to the head honcho, Raihan. We've listed the trainers and Raihan below as well as their team compositions for your reference:

  • Gym Trainer Sebastian - Pelipper and Sliggoo (Level 45)
  • Gym Trainer Camilla - Ninetales and Turtonator (Level 45)
  • Gym Trainer Aria - Abomasnow and Hakamo-o (Level 45)
  • Raihan - Flygon, Gigalith, Sandaconda and Gigantamax Duraludon

Now, our advice to you would be to plan your team around the fight with Raihan. The small fry trainers that you take out before him all have varied Types when it comes to covering weaknesses, so your mistake would be to focus on Raihan being a Dragon Type trainer. Take a cue from the rest and realize early on that he actually crosses a wide variety of Types with his team, so you'll want to make sure that you have the following types to cover his team:

  • Fighting
  • Fire
  • Grass
  • Ground
  • Ice

You especially are going to want a good Grass and Ice pick for the Pokemon who aren't Duraludon, but don't make the mistake of being caught off guard when that pick does get pushed through. Now that you've got our Pokemon Sword and Shield Hammerlocke Gym guide in hand, it should be much easier to take down the reigning king of charisma in Galar. Need help with anything else? Check out these other tips and tricks that we've prepared: