The newest entries in the legendary Pokemon franchise have arrived in Sword and Shield. These two new games have brought a whole new group of gym leaders for players to face off against and prove their skills as a trainer. Fortunately, we have everything you need to know about these new gym leaders covered for you.

Pokemon Sword and Shield Gym Leaders

There are a total of eight gyms that players will have the chance to compete in throughout their adventures in both of the new games for the franchise. However, there are two gyms in both games that are exclusive to that particular title. This exclusivity means that players will have to play both entries if they want to face off against every single new gym leader. The positive aspect of this is that it gives players new content to enjoy when they are playing through both of the titles. This is opposed to having all of the same leaders to go up against in their adventures. 

Pokemon Sword and Shield Gym Leaders

You can find all of the gym leaders, their respective locations, and the character types for the gyms below:

1. Milo, Turrfield, Grass-Type

2. Nessa, Hulbury, Water-Type

3. Kabu, Motostoke, Fire-Type

4. Bea, Stow-On-Side, Fighting-Type (Sword Exclusive)

4. Allister, Stow-On-Side, Ghost-Type (Shield Exclusive)

5. Opal, Ballonlea, Fairy-Type

6. Gordie, Circhester, Rock-Type (Sword Exclusive)

6. Melonie, Circhester, Ice-Type (Shield Exclusive)

7. Piers, Spikemuth, Dark-type

8. Raihan, Hammerlocke, Dragon-Type

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