Pokemon Sword and Shield Galarian Meowth Guide

The Galarian form of Meowth is one of the more unique creatures you will come across in Pokemon Sword and Shield.

The new games of Pokemon Sword and Shield have brought a variety of new characters for players to catch and battle. These titles have also brought new versions of old creatures for trainers to add to their teams. These new versions are a result of these veteran characters getting a new Galarian form from living in the Galar Region. One of the old creatures to acquire a Galarian form is the one and only Meowth. Fortunately, we have everything you need to know about the newest version of Meowth covered for you.

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Pokemon Sword and Shield Galarian Meowth

Players will notice that the Galarian Meowth is very different looking than its Kanto appearance. This version of the character is steel-type, which makes it weak towards Fighting, Ground, and Fire-types.

This form is a result of the species traveling to the region with seafaring people in the past. Living with these fierce folk caused parts of this kind of Meowth’s body to turn into steel and change its appearance to be more bulky and dark. This style of the character is no stranger to battles and loves to jump into a fight. 

Pokemon Sword and Shield Galarian Meowth

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Trainers can evolve Galarian Meowth into Perrserker by having it reach level 28. You will find this particular character throughout your travels in the Galar region alongside Route 4. 

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