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Pokemon Sword and Shield Fairy Gym Quiz Guide

by Ginny Woo

If you’ve been enjoying your time in Pokemon Sword and Shield, you might be progressing at a fairly rapid clip. At some point, whether you’re Team Sword or Shield, you’re going to hit the town of Ballonlea which is home to Opal and her Fairy Pokemon. When you get there, you’ll have to face down a pretty unique gym challenge. Here’s our guide to the Pokemon Sword and Shield Fairy gym quiz.

Pokemon Sword and Shield Fairy Gym Quiz Guide

If you’re wanting a bit of a rundown in terms of how the Fairy gym in Ballonlea is going to work, we’ll make it simple – Opal will put you through a gauntlet of combat with different trainers, and periodically ask you questions while she’s spectating. If you answer the questions correctly, your Pokemon will get stat buffs: increases to Speed, Special Attack, Defense and the like. If you get a question’s answer wrong, then you’re going to get some kind of stat debuff which will make it harder to pound your opponents into the ground. Here’s a list of all the questions that you’re going to be asked when you’re facing Opal down and what the right answers are. Brushing up on our Fairy guide might serve you well

  • Do you know about the Fairy type’s weaknesses? – Poison or Steel
  • What was the previous trainer’s name? – Annette
  • What do I eat for breakfast every morning? – Omelettes

You’ll also be asked questions during your battle with Opal herself, which is going to have the same effect as the questions that you’re asked during the trainer gauntlet. Correct answers will result in bonuses that grow in strength with regards to the stats of the Pokemon that you have selected, and wrong answers will result in ever-severe stat debuffs. Here are the questions that Opal will ask during her final battle, along with the answers:

  • You… Do you know my nickname? — The wizard
  • What is my favorite color? — Purple
  • All righty then… How old am I? — 16 years

Now that you’ve got our guide to the Pokemon Sword and Shield Fairy gym quiz, tackling Opal and her minions should be a piece of cake considering how strong your Pokemon are going to be. Need a hand with anything else in your Galarian adventures? Check out the following guides that we’ve put together: