Pokemon Scarlet and Violet: What is the Secret Dish? – Answered

Larry, I'm coming for you.

Throughout your journey in the Paldean region, you’ll face harrowing challenges, brutal boss fights, and bizarre plot twists. However, no challenge is greater than the gym test for the normal-type gym leader Larry. In Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, you’ll be tasked with learning to secret ingredients to a dish at the Treasure Eatery. So, what is the secret dish in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet? Well, we have the answer for you below.

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Pokemon Scarlet and Violet: What is the Secret Dish? – Answered

When you begin the normal-type gym test in Medali City, you’ll need to go around town, battle different trainers and use the clues given to discover what the four ingredients for the secret dish are. Luckily, the dish is always the same, and we can give you the answers right here. Please don’t tell Director Clavell we’re helping you cheat. Keep this between us.

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Head over to the Treasure Eatery and speak to the waiter standing in front. He will then ask you for each ingredient in the dish separately from a list of options. The following are the answers you want to choose.

  • Grilled Rice Balls
  • Extra Crispy, Fire Blast Style
  • Medium Serving
  • Lemon

Once you choose those four answers, you’ll be able to begin the actual gym fight against the normal-type gym leader Larry. It’s not an easy fight, so we hope you’re prepared.

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After you’ve finished this gym you can come back to the Treasure Eatery to change your Pokemon’s Tera Type is you have enough Tera Shards to do so. You need 50 of one type to change it.

Well, that’s everything you need to know about the secret dish in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. We have plenty of other tips, tricks, and guides for you to check out. Here’s how to evolve Flittle into Espartha.

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