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Pokemon Quest Level Up Training

by Bryan Dawson

Luring Pokemon to your base camp isn’t all there is to Pokemon Quest. Once you have a Pokemon, you’ll need to level them up and even train them to learn new moves. Pokemon Quest level up training doesn’t work exactly like other Pokemon games and may be a bit confusing at first. Don’t worry, in this article we go over Pokemon Quest level up training so you know how to teach new moves to your Pokemon so they can perform better in battle.

Leveling Up in Pokemon Quest

If you don’t want to get into the details of leveling up in Pokemon Quest, you can just continue to go on expeditions. As your Pokemon complete expeditions, they will earn experience points and level up over time. However, there’s a second way you can level up your Pokemon that can be much faster depending on the Pokemon available to you.

Once you start accumulating a lot of Pokemon you don’t need to use on your expedition team, you can use them to level up your main Pokemon. Maybe you have duplicate Pokemon or Pokemon that haven’t learned the moves you like to use. Whatever the reason, if you have extra Pokemon that you’re not going to use on your expeditionary team, you can use them to level up your other Pokemon. Keep in mind, once a Pokemon is used to level up another Pokemon, they will leave your base camp.

Select the Edit Team tab in the base camp menu to access the level up screen. At this point you can select the Pokemon you want to level up, as well as up to four other Pokemon that you’re going to use in the level up process. These four Pokemon are the ones you will lose when the process is complete.

The higher the level of these four Pokemon, what type of Pokemon they are (evolved or base form, same type of Pokemon, etc.), and how many Power Stone slots they have available will all determine how much experience your Pokemon gains. For example, a high level, evolved Pokemon of the same type as the one you’re trying to level up will give you a lot more experience compared to a low level Pokemon of a different type.

Pokemon Quest Training

When you start Pokemon training, you’re basically just trying to learn new moves for your Pokemon. Learning new moves is very similar to leveling up your Pokemon in Pokemon Quest. Once again, select the Pokemon you want to learn new moves, as well as up to four Pokemon who will assist in the process, but be lost once the process is complete. Just like with leveling up, the type of Pokemon you select, as well as their level will increase the success rate of learning a new move.

There’s no guarantee your Pokemon will learn the new move, and the move they learn will be random. However, you can increase your chances by selecting higher level Pokemon of the same type. The more times you try to have the same Pokemon learn a move, the lower the success rate will be. Keep this in mind when selecting which Pokemon you want to learn a new move.

If you’re looking for a list of evolution levels, you’ll find all that and more in our Pokemon Quest game hub!

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