Pokemon Indigo Disk: How to Get Spectrier in Scarlet & Violet

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There in the ruins of Paldea runs a grim steed, silent and black as the night. Here’s how to find Spectrier in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet: Indigo Disk.

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How to Get Spectrier in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Indigo Disk

Finding Spectrier, the Swift Horse Pokemon, is no easy task. But you can find this Legendary Pokemon if you’ve completed the storyline for The Indigo Disk.

Once that’s done, head to the Blueberry Academy entrance to speak to Snacksworth. Things get a little odd here. Snacksworth will give you a random legendary snack for every 10 solo BBQs you complete or every Group Quest you complete. If you’re playing Pokemon Violet, you’ll need to complete solo BBQs for a chance at getting the Spectrier snack. If you’re playing Pokemon Scarlet, you’ll need to complete Group Quests for a chance at getting the Spectrier snack.

This makes Spectrier a sort of “soft” version exclusive, with Scarlet players needing to hop online with some friends if they want to encounter this legendary steed. But however you obtain it, once Snacksworth randomly hands over the Spectrier Snack, this snack will cause Spectrier to spawn in Paldea.

However, your only hint at Spectrier’s location is that it is in the mountains of Paldea, near some ruins with a sparse amount of trees. Not that helpful! There are a lot of ruins in Paldea. But that’s where this guide comes in.

Spectrier’s Location in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Head to the Dalizapa Passage Pokemon Center waypoint, immediately to the north of The Great Crater of Paldea.

Once you spawn in, go immediately west, climbing your way up the massive rock wall. If you look closely at your map, you should see the brown square drawing ruins. Approach these ruins, and you’ll see Spectrier standing outside of them. Spectrier won’t be aggressive, so you have time to put your team together before you start the fight.

How to Defeat Spectrier in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet: Indigo Disk

Spectrier is a pure Ghost-Type Pokemon, and you’ll encounter it at level 70. It’s weak to Dark and Ghost Type moves and completely immune to Fighting and Normal Type moves.

Spectrier knows the following moves in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet:

  • Thrash.
  • Disable.
  • Double-Edge.
  • Agility.

However, because Spectrier is so much weaker than many of the Pokemon you encountered in the Indigo Disk, the real challenge might not be defeating it… But instead keeping it alive so you can catch it.

To that end, I highly recommend Bug or Poison-type moves, as these will only do half the damage. This should be enough to help you whittle away Spectrier so you can shove it in a Pokeball. Likewise, using a Ghost-Pokemon will help you avoid taking damage from Spectrier’s baffling assortment of terrible Normal-type moves, while you chuck said Poke Balls at its hindquarters.

If you do happen to accidently knock out Spectrier before you can catch it, don’t worry. Spectrier will respawn at the same location after some time has passed. To speed things up, you can head into your Switch’s system settings to advance the clock forward and force Spectrier to respawn. Some players have reported Spectrier will respawn after an hour, but it may be best to set your clock forward a whole day just to be sure.

Spectrier’s Stats in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Spectrier has a total base stat of 580, spread out as the following:

  • HP: 100.
  • Attack: 65.
  • Defense: 60.
  • Special Attack: 145.
  • Special Defense: 80.
  • Speed: 130.

Spectrier excels in Special Attack and Speed, making it a great offensive option on your team. As mentioned above, the Spectrier you catch in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet will be using some Normal-type moves not at all suited for it, so we highly recommend you go into its Summary once you’ve caught it and have it remember some of its better moves such as Shadow Ball and Hex. You can also teach it some excellent TMs like Dark Pulse, Will-O-Wisp, Psychic, and Curse for a more diverse move-set.

To get the most out of Spectrier, we recommend ensuring it has the Timid nature, favoring Speed over Attack. If your Spectrier doesn’t have a Timid nature, you can change this by using a Timid Mint, which can be purchased at the Chansey Supply shop or obtained as a random reward from the Academy Ace Tournament or 5- and 6-Star Tera Raids.

Can You Get Shadow Rider Calyrex in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet?

The Reins of Unity item used to fuse Spectrier with Calyrex to make Shadow Rider Calyrex is available in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet but only if you have a Calyrex in one of your Pokemon Boxes. Calyrex itself is not a catchable Pokemon in Scarlet and Violet nor the Indigo Disk DLC, so you’ll need to transfer one over from Pokemon Sword or Shield via the Pokemon HOME app.

If you have Calyrex in a Box, you can pick up the Reins of Unity at the Porto Marianada Auction. There will be a muscular woman wearing glasses and purple shorts at one of the booths who exclusively sells legendary Pokemon items such as the Reins of Unity. If she’s not selling the Reins of Unity, you can press “Maybe next time,” and she’ll offer up a different item, cycling through until the Reins of Unity pops up. The bid will start at 500 Poke Dollars, but you’ll likely have to spend upwards of 8,000 to outbid the NPCs taking part in the auction.

But Spectrier’s not the only Pokemon that can make use of the Reins of Unity. If you’re trying to catch ’em all, make sure you also pick up Spectrier’s counter part, Glastrier, in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

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