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Pokemon GO Team Rocket Balloon Event

by Andrew Smith

Get ready, trainers, it looks like the Pokemon GO Team Rocket event is set to return to the game quite soon and will offer a few special rewards. Recently, players received a Team Rocket email which seemed to hint at the return of the popular PvE battles in the popular mobile game. In this guide, we are going to take a look at everything we know about the Team Rocket Balloon event in Pokemon GO.

When Will Pokemon GO Team Rocket Balloon Battles Start?

While vague, the Pokemon GO Team Rocket email seems to indicate that balloon battles will be coming to the game on July 7, 2020. Unfortunately, we don’t know much else about the event at the time of writing, but the mysterious email includes some words of wisdom from Team Rocket executives as they “prepare for tomorrow.” Since this email was sent on July 6, it seems safe to assume that the email is saying that the event will launch in the game sometime on July 7. 

“Big congrats to the Team GO Rocket balloon team for all their hard work this past year,” reads the Team Rocket email. “From their initial test flight to the recent scouting missions across the globe, the balloon team has blown our minds and shown us that what drives Team GO Rocket’s success is smarts and spunk! We can’t wait to see the work they’ve been doing in the shadows come to light!”

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If this isn’t enough, the official Pokemon GO Twitter account has begun teasing the event as well. In a recent tweet, the account shared, “After talking with Professor Willow, we have reason to believe that Team GO Rocket has made advancements in balloon technology and are preparing for an invasion. Brace yourself and expect the unexpected!” So it looks like players will need to be ready for some type of airborne attack!

Those who have been playing the game for a while may remember the Team Rocket 2019 event, in which they invaded PokeStops and took control of some Shadow Pokemon. In the event, players had to visit infected PokeStops, battle the Team Rocket grunts who had taken over, and try to catch and free the Shadow Pokemon that they were using for evil. It’s unclear if the event will be the same this time around, or if Niantic will change it up. Luckily, it looks like we won’t have to wait very long to find out. 

At the time of writing, it’s unclear what kind of rewards players will receive for participating in the Pokemon GO Team Rocket event. However, the email does mention a special code that got left behind after previous battles which can be redeemed for three potions and three revives. So, it seems likely that trainers will be able to earn those somehow. 

While you’re waiting for the Team Rocket balloon event to go live in Pokemon GO, there is still plenty of stuff to be done and Pokemon to be caught. In the links below, you’ll find some of our recent “how to catch” guides that should help you with collecting specific creatures.

Are you looking forward to the Pokemon GO Team Rocket balloon event? Did you participate last time? Be sure to let us know on our Twitter or Facebook page.

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