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Pokemon GO Spotlight Hour June 2020 Dates and Pokemon

by Andrew Smith

The first June 2020 Pokemon GO Spotlight Hour is almost upon us! Further, there will be four different opportunities throughout the month for players to participate in the event and earn extra XP, catch rare Pokemon, and a whole lot more. However, these events occur during a very specific time and can be easy to miss, so make sure to keep reading for all the information you’ll need on the event, including the dates, time, and different Pokemon that can be caught!

When Is the Pokemon GO Spotlight Hour for June 2020

As we mentioned above, there are four different Spotlight Hours for the month of June, each of which will offer unique rewards to players that show up. Further, Niantic will be combining the Mystery Bonus Hour with the Spotlight Hour this month, so if you choose to participate, you’ll be able to earn even better rewards. The June 2020 Spotlight Hour will take place from 6-7 PM during your local time zone every Tuesday. In the list below, we’ve included all of the dates and rewards for the June 2020 event.

  • June 9 – Spotlight: Patrat, double XP for evolving Pokemon
  • June 16 – Spotlight: Numel, double Stardust for catching Pokemon
  • June 23 – Spotlight: Clefairy, a chance at catching a Shiny Clefairy, double XP for catching Pokemon
  • June 30 – Spotlight: Kricketot, double Candy for catching Pokemon

As you can see in the list above, each week players will have the chance to catch a different “Spotlight” and will also be able to earn special bonus rewards during the event hour. Further, it’s worth noting that the event hadn’t kicked off on Tuesday, June 2, so you didn’t miss out on any rewards. Additionally, this event is completely free for players to participate in, so if you’re around during the event time, be sure to drop by!

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In other news, Niantic recently announced that it is about to roll out a feature that will finally allow players to invite their friends to a raid. A specific release date hasn’t been given at the time of writing, but we do know that the tool has been developed and will be rolling out soon, so be sure to keep an eye out for that. 

Having trouble with raids in Pokemon GO? Check out our video guide for some tips and tricks that should help make winning raids a whole lot easier: 

There is always a lot going on in the world of Pokemon GO, so be sure to check back to our homepage every now and then so you don’t miss any of the latest news or events. Further, there are also a lot of Pokemon to be caught, below you’ll find some of our recent guides that should help you catch ’em all.

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