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Pokemon Go Server Status

by Bryan Dawson

Are the Pokemon Go servers down? Have you been experiencing connectivity issues with Pokemon Go? Is Pokemon Go not loading, or is the Pokemon Go app down? These are issues that many players have been experiencing over the last few weeks, especially this week with the Japanese fans finally getting a chance to try the mega-popular mobile app.

Pokemon Go is currently UP as of 9:06PM ET on Wednesday, July 20! Catch those Pokemon while you can!

Of course, when you want to play Pokemon Go you don’t want to have to wait, you want to play immediately. Luckily, there are multiple ways you can work through this. First off, if you followed our Pokemon Go safety tips, you should have drinks and snacks with you, or at least a group of friends to hang out with while playing. This will help to occupy some time while you wait for the servers to come back online.

If you’re alone or don’t have any snacks with you, check out Google Maps to find the location of popular Pokemon. It’s also a great time to charge up your battery or check out one of our many strategy and tips articles in the Pokemon Go guide hub.

Ideally, the servers won’t be down very long because Niantic is working on biweekly updates that should address any server issues. Come back here to find out if Pokemon Go is down if you experience any problems.

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