Pokémon GO: Quagsire Best Movesets Listed

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Quagsire has a few different ideal movesets depending on what kind of battles you’ll be sending it into. Here are all of Quagsire’s best movesets in Pokémon GO listed.

Quagsire’s Best Pokémon GO Moveset for Gym Battles (PVE)

Quagsire’s Best Moveset for Attacking Pokémon GO Gyms (Offense)

Normally, you’d build Pokémon for Gym battles with moves of both its types so you can dish out extra damage, since Pokémon using moves of its same type gain a same type attack bonus (usually referred to as STAB). In Quagsire’s case, however, Mud Shot charges its charged moves much better than Water Gun, and its best charged move is another Ground-type attack, Earthquake. If you’re building Quagsire with the intent of knocking Pokémon out of Gyms, you’ll want to double down on the Ground-type moves with Mud Shot and Earthquake, which dishes out the most damage of its move combinations.

Quick Move (Gym Battles – Offense)Charged Move (Gym Battles – Offense)
Mud ShotEarthquake

Quagsire’s Best Moveset for Defending Pokémon GO Gyms (Defense)

If you’re hoping to leave Quagsire behind to defend Gyms you’ve defeated, you’ll want a slightly different moveset. Mud Shot is always going to be Quagsire’s best move, but for a charged move, you’ll actually want a move that doesn’t match its Water/Ground typing at all: Sludge Bomb. Sludge Bomb will deal super effective damage against the Grass-type Pokémon that attacking Trainers will undoubtedly send out to try to take down your Quagsire. Although it isn’t ideal to leave behind a Pokémon like Quagsire that has such an exploitable single weakness, it’s still possible to try to patch it up with a moveset of Mud Shot and Sludge Bomb.

Quick Move (Gym Battles – Defense)Charged Move (Gym Battles – Defense)
Mud ShotSludge Bomb

Quagsire’s Best Pokémon GO Moveset for Pokémon GO Battle League (PVP)

Quagsire’s bulk and defensive typing make it a solid choice in the Pokémon GO Battle League Great League. When building Quagsire for Great League, you’ll still want Mud Shot for its quick move. One of its two charged moves should be Stone Edge, which gives Quagsire coverage over Flying-type Pokémon that resist its Ground-type attacks.

Its main charged move can either be Mud Bomb or Aqua Tail. Both are great, fast-charging offensive choices that Quagsire gets STAB from. Aqua Tail is a Community Day-exclusive move, meaning only Wooper that were evolved into Quagsire during Wooper Community Day will know it. Aqua Tail offers unique coverage over Pokémon such as Gligar, but lacks the coverage Mud Bomb has over Pokémon such as Registeel. The move you choose is up to your preference. It’s recommended to choose the move that fills in coverage gaps in your team.

Quick Move (Great League)Charged Move 1 (Great League)Charged Move 2 (Great League)
Mud ShotMud Bomb
(or Aqua Tail)
Stone Edge

If you’re interested in raising Quagsire’s Paldean counterpart, another fantastic Great League pick, check out our guide on all of Clodsire’s best movesets in Pokémon GO.

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