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Pokemon Go – Mewtwo Counters

by Bryan Dawson

With Mewtwo popping up more and more as a raid boss in Pokemon Go, many players have been looking for Mewtwo counters. This article covers Pokemon Go Mewtwo counters so you know which Pokemon to use in raids. There’s a decent chance you already have a Mewtwo counter in Pokemon Go, but we’ll offer a variety of Pokemon types to make sure you have all the bases covered. You can’t solo the raid, but once you have your Mewtwo counters down the Pokemon Go raid should be much easier to complete.

We’ve already covered some of the ways you can catch Mewtwo, so this article will focus primarily on the Mewtwo counters and the Pokemon that are best to use against Mewtwo. If you’re fighting some of the Legendary Pokemon in other raids, be sure to check out our Pokemon Go game hub for more strategies and advice on how to counter them.

Mewtwo Counters

Mewtwo is a Psychic type Pokemon with a raid boss CP of 49,430 and a max capture CP of 2,275. As a Psychic type Pokmeon, Mewtwo is weak to Bug, Dark and Ghost types. If you recently took down some of the other Legendary Pokemon, you can probably use many of the same Pokemon against Mewtwo. Tyranitar, Houndoom, Gyarados, and Gengar work especially well against Mewtwo, but there are some other counters.

If you’re using Tyranitar, Bite, Crunch and Stone Edge work best. With Houndoom use Snarl and Foul Play. Pinsir and Scizor are also two great Mewtwo counters, both with Fury Cutter and X-Scissor. You can check out a full list of the best Mewtwo counters in the table below!

Pokemon Type Quick Move Charge Move
Gengar Ghost / Poison Shadow Claw Shadow Ball
Gyarados Flying / Water Bite Crunch / Hydro Pump
Houndoom Fire / Dark Snarl Foul Play
Mewtwo Psychic Confusion Shadow Ball
Pinsir Bug Bite X-Scissor
Scizor Bug / Steel Fury Cutter X-Scissor
Tyranitar Dark / Rock Bite Crunch or Stone Edge

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