One of the biggest draws for players when it comes to Pokemon GO is the vast array of new content that developer Niantic adds into the game regularly. This is undoubtedly the case for January 2020, as there is a new research breakthrough reward available for players to earn. Fortunately, we have everything you need to know to acquire this January 2020 breakthrough character covered. 

Pokemon GO January 2020 Research Breakthrough Reward

The reward for the January 2020 research breakthrough encounters is the Water-type Lapras. However, this is not your ordinary Lapras. This particular one knows the fast move Ice Shard and charged move Ice Beam. Players will remember that these two moves were at the focal point of the moveset featured for Lapras during its official raid day. Now, trainers will have another chance of getting this powerful version of the character and adding a valuable member to their team for all of their future adventures. 

Pokemon GO January 2020 Research Breakthrough Reward

Individuals who commit to completing all of their researching tasks for January 2020 should have no trouble obtaining this month's research breakthrough reward. Completing one task per day should be more than enough to make sure you do not miss out on getting this particular character for your team. 

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