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Pokemon GO: How to Beat Ninjask Raid Solo During Bug Out Event

by Liana Ruppert

Pokemon GO players are currently enjoying the Bug Out event and all of the challenges that comes with it. With a new line of raid bosses for trainers to take on, the challenges are high when trying to catch ’em all. One of the bosses in particular, a rare bug-type called Ninjask, is a foe Pokemon GO players are taking on head-first and for those playing solo, here’s a few tips on how to take him down effeciently. 

 The best thing players can do when facing off against Ninjask is to make sure that their Pokemon are weather-boosted, though it’s not necessary for a successful takedown. Just like any other raid boss, selection is key and because of that, we recommend Rampardos as the go-to. A full team of Rampardos is even better, with or without a weather-boost. 

Given that this particular Pokemon wasn’t added to the mobile game until recently, it’s understandable if not everyone would have him in their arsenal. It’s OK, that’s what Plan B’s are for. Other picks for Ninjask counters include:

  • Rampardos — Smack Down/Rock Slide
  • Tyranitar — Smack Down/Stone Edge
  • Rhyperior — Smack Down/Stone Edge
  • Omastar — Rock Throw/Rock Slide
  • Golem — Rock Throw/Stone Edge
  • Rayquaza — Air Slash/Ancient Power
  • Regirock — Rock Throw/Stone Edge
  • Heatran — Fire Spin/Stone Edge
  • Moltres — Fire Spin/Sky Attack

Those are the main picks to go up against Ninjask, though there are a few lesser picks also available if absolutely needed: 

  • Sudowoodo — Rock Throw/Rock Slide
  • Melmetal — Thunder Shock/Rock Slide
  • Electivire — Thunder Shock/Wild Charge
  • Mamoswine — Powder Snow/Ancient Power
  • Entei — Fire Spin/Overheat

Since Ninjask won’t be around in the game once the Bug Out event concludes, it’s a limited-time chance to nab this particular pocket monster before the event ends. 

Liana Ruppert

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