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Pokemon Go Gym Badges

by Bryan Dawson

The new Pokemon Go update has introduced gym badges. Many people have be wondering how to get a gold gym badge in Pokemon Go. This article covers Pokemon Go gym badges, including how to get a gold gym badge in Pokemon Go. There are a lot of new features in the update, but gym badges have been difficult for some players to get.

Gym Badges

In order to get gym badges in Pokemon Go you need to spin the photo disc at the gym. This is the primary way to obtain gym badges at the moment, but you won’t get a badge every time you spin the photo disc so don’t worry if you spun the photo disc once or twice and got nothing. Just keep spinning and you’ll eventually receive a badge.

There are bronze, silver and gold badges to be earned, but we don’t have full details on how to get each yet (we’ll be updating this article as new information is revealed). You can also earn gym badges by doing battle at a gym, or by feeding berries to a Pokemon at a gym. If any new or additional methods to earn gym badges are discovered, we’ll be sure to update this article with more information. For now, keep in mind that there are a few bugs in the latest Pokemon Go update and that has caused some players issues. If you aren’t getting any gym badges or you’re experiencing other issues, these bugs will be worked out soon.

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