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Pokemon Go – The Best Unknown Secrets

by Bryan Dawson

There are quite a few secrets or lesser known tips in Pokemon Go that a lot of people are unaware of. We’ve taken the liberty of compiling some of the most helpful secrets and tips into one article so you can get the most out of your Pokemon Go experience.

Completing Your Pokedex

If you’re looking to catch them all and complete your Pokedex, you’re going to have to plan a hunting trip, check Google Maps, and leave your immediate area of play. Pokemon are found all over the world, and they’re specifically grouped so that not all Pokemon appear in any one area. That doesn’t mean you’ll have to travel across the world to find them all, but you’ll at least need to travel to the next city or maybe play Pokemon Go on your next vacation or work trip.

Egg Hatching

We already covered some of the best ways to hatch your eggs, but most people don’t know that if you travel faster than 12 miles per hour (MPH) it won’t register distance on your egg. What that means is you have to walk (or securely tie your phone to a ceiling fan – not recommended) in order to hatch your eggs. Driving or even riding a bike won’t cut it in most cases.

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Evolving Pokemon

Pay close attention to the white line that curves over your Pokmeon. As you level up that line will also grow in size, although you may not notice it at first. However, if you have one Pokemon with a CP of 100 taking up almost all of the white arc, and another Pokemon with a CP of 50 taking up a small portion of that white curve, it means the 50 CP Pokemon has a higher potential strength, even though the CP may be lower right now. As you level up, the 100 CP Pokemon will max out much lower than the 50 CP Pokemon.

As you level up each new Pokemon you fight and capture will be stronger and stronger. Due to this fact, if you spend a lot of candy to evolve a Pokemon you caught when you were only level 4, don’t bother using that same Pokemon for additional evolutions when you reach level 15. By that time you’ll find the same Pokemon with a much higher CP that will become much more powerful with multiple evolutions. In short, evolve your first few Pokemon once or twice, but don’t waste a third evolution on a lower CP Pokemon.

Weather Determines Available Pokemon

While it’s possible to find any Pokemon at any place or time, your chances are much higher if you know some information about the Pokemon you’re looking for. Water Pokemon will spawn more frequently when it’s raining, while dark Pokemon and ghost Pokemon are much more prevalent during the night time hours. Mix up your hunting times and you’ll find a larger variety of Pokemon.

Plan Your Hunting Cycles

Almost everything in Pokemon Go is on a set timer. You can collect only the rewards from gyms every 21 hours, but PokeStops can be accessed every 5 minutes. Find an area with several PokeStops in close proximity so you can make your rounds and circle back to the first PokeStop every five minutes to maximize your XP gain and rewards.


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