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Pokémon GO Battle League Mythical Wishes Rewards & Schedule

by Daniel Wenerowicz
GO Battle League Season 13

Though the name may is simply GO Battle League: Mythical Wishes this time around, we’re now entering Season 13 of the league in Pokémon GO. With each new season in the mobile game, Trainers can expect a reset to their ranks and plenty of new Cups to keep battles interesting.

As always, Niantic has released a full schedule for the GO Battle League ahead of the official Mythical Wishes update. Starting on December 1, Trainers can begin increasing their ranks once again and we know exactly which Cups are on the way over the next three months. Keep reading below to see our full guide and schedule for the Pokémon GO Battle League update in Mythical Wishes season.

Pokémon GO Battle League Season 13 Schedule

One of the major changes you’ll notice in the schedule is a decrease in Classic Cups. Niantic will be implementing these less now that far more Trainers have had access to XL Candies. Expect to see more Premier Cups and themed events like the Holiday Cup that’s just around the corner. The full schedule can be found below.

GO Battle League: Mythical Wishes Schedule

  • December 1 – December 8: Great League, Great League Remix
  • December 8 – December 15: Great League, Fighting Cup: Great League Edition Remix
  • December 15 – December 22: Ultra League, Ultra Premier Classic
  • December 22 – December 29: Ultra League, Holiday Cup: Great League Edition
  • December 29 – January 5: Master League, Holiday Cup: Ultra League Edition
  • January 5 – January 12: Master League, Master Premier Classic
  • January 12 – January 19: Great League, Ultra League, Master League
  • January 19 – January 26: Great League, Weather Cup: Great League Edition
  • January 26 – February 2: Great League, Electric Cup: Great League Edition
  • February 2 – February 9: Ultra League, Ultra Premier
  • February 9 – February 16: Ultra League, Love Cup: Great League Edition
  • February 16 – February 23: Master League, Master Premier
  • February 23 – March 1: Master League Mega Edition, Hoenn Cup: Great League Edition

Cleary the Great League is the priority for Season 13 of the GO Battle League. That means if you want to reach the highest ranks, you’ll need all of your Pokémon at 1,500 CP in their best condition.

Pokémon GO Battle League Season 13 Rewards

Next, we’ll go over all of the rewards you can expect as you rank up in the league. Every time you play a series of five matches, getting at least three wins will guarantee an encounter. Your rank determines which Pokémon you can encounter, and the higher up you are, the better the rewards will get.

Guaranteed Rank-Up Pokémon Encounters

  • Level 1: Metang
  • Level 1: Mareanie
  • Ace Rank: Axew
  • Veteran Rank: Noibat
  • Expert Rank: Goomy
  • Legend Rank: Pikachu Libre

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Standard Pokémon Encounters: GO Battle League

  • Level 1: Poliwag, Meditite, Spheal, Wingull, Swablu
  • Level 6: Skarmory, Frillish
  • Level 11: Onix, Lickitung, Dratini, Swinub, Mareanie
  • Level 16: Miltank, Hisuian Sneasel, Scraggy
  • Level 20: Five-Star Raid Boss
  • Ace Rank: Axew
  • Veteran Rank: Noibat
  • Expert Rank: Goomy

As you rank up in the Pokémon GO Battle League, all of these potential rewards will accumulate. Each new level means everything beforehand is still available to encounter, which can make earning specific Pokémon a bit tougher. End-of-season rewards will also include items like an avatar set inspired by Steven Stone and some Elite TMs.

And that’s all. For more of the latest news, updates, and guides, head over to the dedicated Pokémon GO section of our site.

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