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Pillars of Eternity – Find all of the Pets

by Prima Games Staff

In Pillars of Eternity, pets are aesthetic and do not impact the game. These loyal companions follow players everywhere. Enemies cannot target these creatures, nor can they be killed; they have no affect on the world. There’s no such thing as dog years, for example, so your loyal Beagle will remain the exact same age as when you first equipped her. 

To activate a pet, simply place it onto a special slot in your inventory and the animal will immediately appear; likewise, it will vanish if you remove it. In addition, you’re free to swap pets at your leisure, providing you have more than one. 

You receive pets from visiting shops, having conversations with non-player characters, searching through containers and receiving them as promotional items. With that in mind, here’s a complete list of pets in Pillars of Eternity and how to find them all. Let us know which ones are your favorites. 


Tiny Obsidian Wurm: This black dragon is a Kickstarter reward, and players receive it automatically while creating their characters. If you did not help fund Pillars of Eternity’s development, chances are you won’t receive this pet.

Tiny White Wurm: Look for it on the second level of Od Nua, to the northeast in a Wurm hatchery. Search and you’ll find an egg you can interact with.


Orange Tabby: If you adore cats, you’ll fall in love with this one, found beside Pumpkin the Kwarg. 

Calico: Visit the Salty Mast and speak with the owner, Maea, to adopt this kitty. 

Black: Perhaps a loving homage to Pet Sematary, this undead cat is with Osrya, located in Raedric’s Hold.

Mix: Head to Valtas Manor, which is where the cat appears after you finish the Valtas quest. 


Beagle: This little guy is a stray belonging to Brave Derrin. You’ll receive him after completing a quest. 

Small Black Lab: While at the Gilded Vale Inn, walk to the upper floor, then ask the innkeeper if you can have it.

Small Yellow Lab: Go to the Woodend Plains and meet up with Eothasian pilgrims. 

Terrier: Adorable! This dog hangs out with Gordy in Copperlane. 

Miscellaneous Pets

Piglet: Journey to Dryford and talk to Rumbald, the pig farmer. 

Space Piglet: The only way to receive this interstellar swine is to pre-order Pillars of Eternity. We certainly hope you did.

Tiny Spider: We don’t know why anyone would want a spider following them around. The thought makes us shiver, but if that’s what you desire, check your stronghold for the eight-legged arachnid. 

Tiny Sporeling: There’s a fungus among us! This little mushroom-like critter hangs out with Iswld at the Golden Grove. 

Tiny Animat: Check Cliaban Rilag, inside of an optional room. 

Tiny Beetle: Speak to Alarhi, the Glanfathan merchant. Without question a solid pick for insect aficionados.

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