Payday 3: How to Get the Vault Code in Rock the Cradle

Simple, once you know where to look.

Payday 3 Rock the Cradle Vault
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While Payday 3 does have some surprisingly solid mechanics, these mechanics often aren’t shown to you directly. Instead, you’re expected to pick up the pieces and figure out how to put the entire puzzle together. While I’m a big fan of the system, some people will likely find themselves tripped up from time to time. This is just one of those times. Here’s how to get the vault code in Rock the Cradle.

How to Get Into the Vault in Rock the Cradle

This heist step could show up either during loud or stealth, though the latter only leaves it as an optional objective. To get the code for the vault in Rock the Cradle, you’ll need to compare the fingerprints found on the vault’s keypad to the codes located in the Accounting Office within the VIP Area. The correct code will only use the numbers that have fingerprints on them.

To get to the Accounting Office, check the adjacent rooms along the walls of the VIP Area. Next to one of the doors, you should find the words Accounting Office, through which is a stairwell leading to said office. Once you’re inside, you’ll look for a four-digit code that matches the numbers with fingerprints on the vault keypad. There are a few places to find codes around the room, but two examples I found and have used are the chair for the desk and one of the shelves in the closet.

Once you have the code, bring it back to the vault; it should open up. Within is a ton of cash for you to bag and take out of the Neon Cradle Club. While it’s only required on loud, it’s a lovely bunch of cash for stealth players.

If you want help with the rest of the heist, check out our Payday 3 Rock the Cradle stealth guide.

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