Payday 3: How to Get the Flash Drive in Under the Surphaze

They hid that USB really well.

Payday 3 Surphaze art gallery building in Under the Surphaze heist
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While you complete each heist in Payday 3, you’ll come across a lot of challenges that are unique and often can be a little obscure at the same time. You’ll be asked to do something and then given next to no information on how to do it. This does reward exploration but can also be annoying when locating things is tough. One such situation came up during an art gallery heist. Here’s how to get the Flash Drive in Payday 3’s Under the Surphaze heist.

Where to Find the Flash Drive in Payday 3

To find the Flash Drive in the Under the Surphaze heist of Payday 3, make your way to the second floor of the Art Gallery. Each side path will be a set of different rooms and stairwells, each providing something different that may or may not help with the heist. For the Flash Drive, we want to enter the Manager’s Office.

Once you’re in the Manager’s Office, head to the back wall and interact with the small wooden panel directly below the giant clock. This will reveal a hidden safe. Open that safe, and you’ll find both some extra money and a Flash Drive inside.

How to Use the Flash Drive

Once you have the Flash Drive, use the Manager’s computer to find the locations of the Uma Ladette paintings. For me, they were in the E4 and E7 Exhibits, but they could be in different places for you. You’ll want to head to that Exhibit, then use the Spectrophotometer from the Server Room on the second floor to determine which painting is authentic. Once you have the right painting, use the Flash Drive on it and take the painting back to the van. That will complete one of the three main objectives of this heist.

If you’re looking for help with the rest of the heist, check out our Payday 3 Under the Surphaze stealth guide.

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