Payday 3: How to Get Into the Jewelry Store Vault in Dirty Ice

The riches within!

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If you’re heading into a Payday 3 heist to stealth it for the first time, you’re bound to run into a lot of unique challenges that you need to overcome. Take the switchbox puzzle from the heist No Rest for the Wicked from example, which is very confusing on that first go-around. This puzzle brings a bit of a strange twist for solo players, but an easy run for those playing with multiple people. Here’s how to get into the Jewelry Store vault in Payday 3’s Dirty Ice heist.

How to Access the Dirty Heist Vault

Before you can get access to the vault, you’ll first need to get a red keycard. This can be found in the basement of the jewelry store, within a small closet past a guard and some cameras. If you’re unsure of how to get the code for it, I’ll have a guide just below that goes into detail on that along with possible code spawn locations.

Once you’ve made it to the basement, get into that closet and grab the red keycard, while disabling the display case alarms using the nearby switch and getting the evidence in the safe. You might also want to deal with the cameras in the security camera office nearby. That one is up to you though.

Now that you have the keycard, there are a few ways you can go about opening the safe. If you’re playing solo, you’ll need to get a civilian from the back of the store and throw them into the button in the Manager’s Office. Once they’re pressing the button, you have a small window to run over to the safe and use the red keycard on the adjacent keycard reader. If you’re playing with someone else, they can be the one to push the button for you.

Once the vault is opened, you’ll be free to loot the rare stone inside and take it back to the van. It’s worth around two bags of jewelry, so not a bad haul for how easy it is to get. If you’re looking for help with the rest of the heist while you’re here, check out our Payday 3 Dirty Ice stealth guide.

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