Path of Exile 2 Loot Reborn
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Path of Exile 2 Will Go to Consoles with an Exciting New Feature

But who's going to get the Mageblood if it drops?

With a game as complicated as Path of Exile 2, it is groundbreaking news that the folks at Grinding Gear Games are bringing this game to consoles. Apart from being available on consoles, it also features a couch co-op experience. Here are all the details after Path of Exile 2’s announcement at PlayStation State of Play.

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Path of Exile 2 Goes to Xbox and PlayStation

For Path of Exile veterans, everyone knows how complicated and tricky the game is. However, in Path of Exile 2, they solved a lot of issues PC struggled with in Path of Exile, such as reducing the amount of item drops considerably with the inclusion of gold in the game.

Just because of that, things get a lot easier for Path of Exile 2 to transition to consoles, especially since Path of Exile is already on consoles.

Path of Exile 2 State of Play Console Trailer

Is that thumbnail or trailer a jab at Diablo 4’s Loot Reborn?

They also introduced a new feature, couch co-op. This means that players can now have way more fun playing with friends in the same room. It’ll be interesting to see how item and skill customization will work. Imagine playing Path of Exile 2 with your friends, and someone takes 20 minutes to fix their massive skill tree.

However, you can expect the game to run smoothly on a controller as they have a whole team dedicated to just the console experience. You have a total of 24 binds for the controller, which is important to the ARPG genre that uses a ton of skills.

Path of Exile 2 Developer Diary

If you look at the Developer Diary, couch-coop isn’t going to be split-screen, and it’ll be having a simultaneous play that allows players to do different things on one whole screen. They added cross-play and cross-progression features.

They are also introducing some in-game tooltips you can navigate through to learn the terms even more. Nothing is hidden in secret anymore, which is great for such a complex game like Path of Exile 2.

You can add Path of Exile 2 to your wishlists here – Steam, Epic Games, PlayStation, and Xbox.

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