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How to Get Party Hat Pikachu in Pokemon GO

by Nicholas Barth

There is plenty of excitement in the Pokemon GO community currently with the Pokemon Day celebration event officially underway. Trainers now can encounter and catch various GO characters who are all wearing a party hat. One of these party hat characters is Pikachu, who is the most sought after of the party heat creatures by many members of the community. Luckily, we have everything you need to know to catch this character covered for you. 

How to Get Party Hat Pikachu Pokemon GO

There is no particular method that Trainers will need to utilize to obtain the Pikachu that is wearing a festive hat. You will be able to encounter and catch it in the wild by just playing the title regularly.

However, this version of the character will only be available for Trainers to encounter and catch in the wild during the celebration event that is currently underway in the game. This particular event will be ending on Monday, March 2nd, which means individuals who are interested in adding this version of the famous creature to their teams have less than a week to do so.

 Party Hat Pikachu Pokemon GO

Those who set aside some time to play during the celebration event should not have much trouble, however, when it comes to encountering and catching a Party Hat Pikachu and having the right to brag to their friends that they were able to obtain this particular character. 

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