Palia: Refer A Friend Program and Rewards Explained

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Palia Refer A Friend Program and Rewards Explained

What better way to enjoy an MMO than to play with friends? While many of us will happily spend time alone in Palia, you can invite friends to play and even get exclusive items! If you want to learn more, continue reading to find a comprehensive guide on Palia’s Refer A Friend system, including how it works and all available rewards.

What is Palia’s Refer A Friend Program?

Starting July 11, 2023, Palia’s Refer a Friend system allows you to invite up to five friends to play the game in exchange for rewards. After creating an account on the official Palia site, you can click “Refer A Friend” and share your link with your friends, allowing them to make their own accounts. In return, you’ll both receive rewards to use in-game when Palia launches!

Once the game launches, you can redeem your items through the in-game inbox.

This Refer A Friend system is also cross-platform. If you’re a PC player, you can send a link to friends playing on Switch and still receive rewards!

All Palia Refer A Friend Program Rewards

There are five rewards you will receive for each friend that signs up through your referral link:

  • Finding Friends Chapaa Hat
  • Finding Friends Chapaa Plush
  • Finding Friends Chapaa Outfit
  • Finding Friends Chapaa Fountain
  • Finding Friends Chapaa Glider Skin
Palia Refer a Friend Rewards
Image via the Palia Refer a Friend Page (click to enlarge)

While you can invite more people to play the game, you’ll only receive items for up to five friends. Unfortunately, invites from the alpha stress tests don’t count toward this total, and you’ll have to start fresh today onward.

Don’t worry; there are benefits for your friends as well. Each friend who uses your invite link will receive a Kilima Fruit Basket item to use in-game after completing a tutorial quest. This item will also be available to craft later on, so you won’t miss out even if you join without a referral link.

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Currently, there are no plans for the Refer A Friend program to end. This means there is no time limit, giving you plenty of time to invite people to play Palia!

Palia will be available to play on Nintendo Switch and PC. To sign up for the August beta sessions, check out how to sign up for Palia Closed Beta or click the game’s tag below to dive into our growing content collection!

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