Oxenfree 2 Voice Cast Listed

A rundown of every actor and actress who performed in Oxenfree II: Lost Signals

After multiple delays and a seven-plus year wait, Night School Studio’s highly anticipated follow-up to Oxenfree is finally here, as Oxenfree II: Lost Signals launched on July 12, 2023. As a graphic adventure/interactive story that puts dialogue at the forefront of its gameplay experience, the latest installment in the Oxenfree series utilizes a variety of actors to bring its eerie world and vibrant characters to life. Here is the full list of actors and actresses featured in Oxenfree II, including the character they portrayed.

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Warning: Major spoilers ahead for the characters and cast of Oxenfree II: Lost Signals.

Main Cast of Oxenfree II: Lost Signals

Here are the main cast members featured in the newest Oxenfree game.

  • Elizabeth Saydah as Riley
  • Joe Bianco as Jacob
  • Abigail Turner as Olivia

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Oxenfree II: Lost Signals Supporting Cast

Here are the actors and actresses with supporting roles in Oxenfree II, as well as the characters who only appear via walkie-talkie.

  • Sarah Wunderle as Violet
  • Jojo Leiato as Charlie
  • Lev Rodriguez Shivers as Rex
  • Emerson Boatwright as Adult Rex
  • Alaina Wis as Evelyn
  • Glenn Rockowitz as Hank
  • Steven Kelly as Nick
  • Rachel Rial as as Maria
  • Abigail Wahl as Shelley
  • Emily Tomlinson as Maggie
  • Moose Warywoda as RJ

Returning Characters From Oxenfree (2016) in Oxenfree II

Spoiler: In a later section of the game, the original Oxenfree cast makes a surprising return, which includes the following actors and actresses:

  • Erin Yvette as Alex
  • Avital Ash as Clarissa
  • Gavin Hammon as Jonas
  • Brittani Johnson as Nona
  • Aaron Kuban as Ren

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Additional Voices in Oxenfree II: Lost Signals

Steven Kelly

Tom Aglio

Maxwell Glick

Emily Tomlinson

Rachel Rial

Denise Hines

Joe Zieja

Full Cast List (As Seen in the Oxenfree II: Lost Signals Credits)

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