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Overwatch Role Queue Release Date – When Does It Go Live?

by Nicholas Barth

One of the most significant changes to ever hit Overwatch will soon hit the live servers of the popular first-person shooter with the implementation of the title’s new role queue system. This queue system will make players choose which gameplay role they want to play as before being matched with other players. The new feature will also force all team compositions to consist of 2 offensive heroes, two tanks, and two support characters. If you are curious about when the release date of this highly anticipated feature will be arriving, be sure to check out everything you need to know about the release date of the Overwatch role queue feature below. 

Overwatch Role Queue Release Date

August 13th will be the release date for the highly anticipated feature for both the title’s quick play and competitive playlists. This release date will then be followed by the start of the Overwatch role queue beta season which will last until September 1st. This beta season will then feed into the high-profile game’s competitive season 18 where the new feature is expected to be a staple of all future competitive seasons. 

Overwatch Role Queue Release Date

The addition of this particular feature looks to have ended the infamous GOATS composition which saw teams often consist of three tanks and three supports. While this strategy was easily one of the strongest available in the world of competitive Overwatch, it was seen as not very entertaining from both a playing and spectating perspective. 

However, the new role queue feature will be looking to remedy these problematic issues and bring a much more healthy state to Overwatch heading into the future. 

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