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Overwatch Hero Guide – How to Play Mei

by Bryan Dawson

Mei may look cute at first glance, but she is an Overwatch character who can be extremely frustrating to fight against in the right hands. This hero guide will walk you through a few tips to make the most of Mei’s abilities and annoy the enemy team to no end. Mei has the ability to slow her target’s movement speed and eventually freeze them in place, which can not only allow Mei to score kills, but make it easier for her teammates to land a few kills themselves.

Endothermic Blaster

The Endothermic Blaster has two different fire modes. The primary option fires a vapor spray that slows enemies and eventually freezes them in place if you can keep them in line. Once frozen Mei has time to use the secondary fire option of the Endothermic Blaster. After a short delay Mei creates an icicle that inflicts a moderately high amount of damage.

Your best course of action is to focus an enemy hero with the Endothermic Blaster until they’re frozen, then immediately use the secondary fire option to score a headshot on your frozen victim. More often than not this will be enough to finish them off. However, it’s important to let your team know who you’re targeting so they can take advantage of your target’s slowed movement speed to help you finish them off.

Ice Wall

When Mei uses Ice Wall it creates a large wall of ice that blocks movement. While it can be destroyed, it’s very useful if you want to split the enemy team, isolate a single enemy, or even stop the enemy from moving beyond a certain point if you’re trying to secure an objective or simply escape an annoying opponent. The Ice Wall works best in narrow corridors or at the entrance to a building where it’s very difficult for someone to bypass the Ice Wall and get to Mei.


Mei doesn’t take being a defensive hero lightly. It can be very difficult to kill her thanks in part to the Cryo-Freeze ability. When used, Mei is encased in a block of ice and cannot be damaged for a short time. In addition, she replenishes some of her health while encased in the ice. Once again, communication is key when using this ability. It’s should almost always be used to prevent or postpone Mei’s death. However, if your teammates don’t come to assistant Mei while you’re encased in ice, the enemy will just wait and kill you once the ability wears off.

Another great way to use this ability is when you need to hold an objective to stay inside an objective for just a few more seconds. Get into the objective and activate Cyro-Freeze to give you a few extra seconds in which the opposing team can’t do much to you. It won’t always work, but it’s a nice surprise technique that can change the flow of the game in some circumstances.


Mei’s ultimate ability is basically a setup tool for any offensive ultimate ability in the game. Mei drops a drone in front of her that freezes a large circular area. Any enemy heroes caught in this area are slowed and eventually frozen, while taking damage over time. Low health heroes such as Zenyatta can die from Blizzard alone, but it’s best used as a way to freeze all of your enemies in a given area, so your teammates can take them out with ease.

If you’re looking for other defensive heroes, be sure to check out our tips for Junkrat or other characters in our Overwatch Hero Guide.

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